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December 3, 2016
Photo of the Moment:
John and Julian
Biography: Dhani
Divorced Children: added Dhani and Sola
Family Members: Aunts and Uncles
Marriage & Relationships: Jay Mehler, Alasdhair Willis, and Sola Harrison updated

Quotes: Lennon and Starkey

October 8, 2016
Photo of the Moment:
Paul and Stella
Family Members: Aunts and Uncles

July 24, 2016
Photo of the Moment:
LOTS OF UPDATES!!!!!! Finally got around to it after months of gathering information and going through all the pages on the site to see what needed to be updated. Everything- well, almost everything- has been updated. I would say 95% of the site got updated. Enjoy! Stay tune for more!

April 2, 2016
Photo of the Moment: Paul and Heather
WE ARE BACK ONLINE!!!!! WOW!!!! I really thought I lost this site for good a few years back. 

There is so much to update! I promise it will happen- please be patient with me. I am going through some personal drama in my life that a few things have been slagging. I will be going page by page to see what (desperately) needs to be updated and go from there.

I have decided to do no photo gallery. When I thought this site disappeared and was gone permanently, I deleted the gallery hosted by Photobucket. If you want pictures, please be free to check things out on Children of the Beatles Facebook page.

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