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About the Site

Hello! Welcome to my web site dedicated to the children of the Beatles. Read on to know everything possible about the site and how it came to be...
Why I did this site
-I am not at all here trying to expose anything private, personal of the lives of the individuals feature here. I do not know them personally so it's probably much easier to manage, where I got my information is from the exact same place you would find your information- the media. However I made the point to put whatever is out there into one place where it's easier to look up.
-I came up with the idea of the site from owning the Beatles Children Yahoo Group.
-I do not put up any articles or very-detailed career information- I will cover only basic things and will provide recommended links that would carry that sort of information in the individual's page if any. To me, it takes up too much time and effort to do a lot of work! I have other sites to tend to as well so I don't need the extra pressure.
Photo Gallery
I have decided not to do a photo gallery at this time. You are more than welcome to check out Children of the Beatles Facebook page (I am one of the Administration)
-I accept anything, really. Photos, articles that would provide useful tidbits for the site (biographical information, quotes). If you would like to help, it has to be from a reliable source and will be greatly appreciated! Please go to contacts here for further information to contact me.
-Everything I have here is from what's public knowledge from articles, biographies, photos; I don't mind if you take them for your own site or personal pleasure however I would prefer it, if it's for your own site to please acknowledge this site as a link and give credit. And please don't copycat anything I've written here, especially without my permission.
Thank You:
Sentamentalist, Heloisa, Lynn, Jaye, Di, Vio, Cindy, Andrea...they supported the site since the beginning and filled me in with all the great photos and information that's very well provided. Also to Kathy, Augusta, Jeanne, Debbie, C.J., Peggy, Alejandra, Kelly and many others who are many to name for extended support and making this site better and wiser. And of course, to the viewers, the regulars and the first timers, thank you for coming and for checking in time to time! Last, thank you Mom for molding me to a Beatles' fan
-my email

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