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Mary Anna McCartney
August 28, 1969 in London, England
Paul and Linda McCartney
Time: 1:30 AM
Scale: 6 lbs 8 oz

Birth: Natural

Hospital: Avenue Clinic

Mary was born in 1969 during the break up of the Beatles. After the Beatles broke up, the McCartneys went up to Scotland to get away and start refresh. By 1971, Paul decided to go back into the music world and invited Linda into the band, later to be known as Wings after Stella was born. By 1972 up till 1980, Mary accompanied her parents and siblings around the world on Wings' tours. After 1980, Wings broke up and the McCartneys settled down for the children to attend local public schools. In 1989, Paul and Linda went back on tour with Mary on hand time to time as Linda's assistant. She also worked for a time at her father's MPL Communications Ltd. and started work as a photographer and photo editor. In the beginning of 1998, Mary and Alistair announced their engagement. Linda helped Mary with the wedding plans set for May. At the time, Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer and was fighting for her life, continuing on with her work of photography, animal rights, her cookbook, her solo music album, and other projects. By March 1998, the cancer spread to Linda's liver and she died a month later with Mary at her bedside in Tucson, Arizona. Alistair and Mary cancelled their wedding plans until September 26, 1998, with Paul who was there to give her away. On April 3, 1999, Mary gave birth to Arthur Alistair Donald. After his birth, Mary photographed the first official public photographs of British Prime Minister Tony Blair and his wife Cherie's baby son, Leo. Mary also took charge of campaigning for Peta with her sister, Stella, and took over her mother's duties to fight for animal rights and breast cancer research. In 2001, Mary interviewed Paul for the music documentary, "Wingspan", directed by her husband, who also produced it with Mary. Late that year, Mary discovered that she was pregnant again. In May of 2002, Mary was mugged outside her office and was taken to the hospital to check on the health of her baby. The next month, Mary attended her father's wedding to Heather Mills. On August 1, 2002, Mary gave birth to Elliot Donald. Mary is a photographer, living in London, England. She and Alistair maintain a quiet life for themselves and their children until 2005 when Mary and Alistair announced their separation that would end in divorce by 2006. Mary has been making public appearances at photo exhibitions, Stella's fashion shows, and occasional premieres and social parties. In May of 2007, Mary held her first photo exhibition in America in Goss Gallery in Dallas, Texas. That same year, Mary and her boyfriend Simon Aboud went public with their relationship, welcoming their son, Sam on August 11, 2008. Mary designed two t-shirts for a Danish children’s label, Mini-a-Ture, to help raise money for Sunway Children’s Home. On June 12, 2010, Mary and Simon got married with only their children attending. That same year, Mary released her first photography book, 'From Where I Stand' and in 2012 released her first culinary book, 'Food'. On September 3, 2011, Mary and Simon welcomed their second son together, Sid.

Name Origins

Mary after Mary Patricia Mohin McCartney, Paul's mother who died on October 31, 1956 from breast cancer

Anna unknown



1969- appeared on the cover of Paul McCartney's "McCartney"


Media Producer

1997- Paul McCartney's "The World Tonight" music video

2001- Wingspan




2010- From Where I Stand (photography)

2012- Food (culinary)

2014- Monochrome & Colour (photography)

2015- At My Table (culinary)

2016- Twelfth Night (photography)

2018- The White Horse (photography)
2019- Paris Nude (photography)


Fashion Designer

2009- Mini A Ture Children's clothes with Selfridges

Written by Jeannette