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From Kyoko's personal collection

Kyoko Ono Cox
August 3, 1963 in Tokyo, Japan
Tony and Yoko Ono Cox

While Yoko continued her art work and exhibitions, Tony watched over Kyoko. The Cox family moved to New York and then to England in 1965. In 1968, Kyoko's life changed when Yoko left the family to be with John Lennon and by 1969, Tony and Yoko were divorced. Tony had custody of Kyoko until Yoko married John when she wanted Kyoko in her care and got custody. Tony remarried to Melinda Kendall. From 1969 to 1971, Yoko and Tony were involved in a major custody battle. Tony had attempted kidnapping Kyoko and they flew off to Majorca, where he was arrested for a few days. In 1971, the custody battle was still unsolved when Tony took Kyoko and vanished in Houston Texas, Melinda's hometown. In 1972, Tony, Melinda, and Kyoko were involved in a cult called the Church of the Living Word (also known as Walk), living between Iowa and California. By 1977 Tony and Kyoko left the cult after his divorce from Melinda. Kyoko was an associate producer of "Vain Glory" which was produced by Tony about his invovement with the cult. In 1977, Tony enrolled Kyoko as Ruth Holman at Walter Reed Junior High in North Hollywood, California and during this year, Kyoko contacted Yoko briefly. In 1980, during the aftermath of John Lennon's death, Kyoko sent her mother a sympathy telegram. In the late 1980s, Tony spoke to People magazine that Kyoko is now a young adult and if she wants to contact her mother, it's her choice. The story reached Yoko who published a public letter, written directly to her.
Dear Kyoko,
All these years there has not been one day I have not missed you. You are always in my heart. However, I will not make any attempt to find you now as I wish to respect your privacy. I wish you all the best in the world. If you ever wish to get in touch with me, know that I love you deeply and would be very happy to hear from you. But you should not feel guilty if you choose not to reach me. You have my respect, love and support forever.
Love, Mommy
Many false confessions emerged but in 1997, Kyoko called her mother and Yoko knew that this was indeed her daughter. Mother and daughter reunited and Kyoko met her half brother, Sean. The family is now close and Kyoko remains in touch with her father. Kyoko is retired after working as a teacher while married to a lawyer named Jim Helfrich and they had two children, Emi and John (known as Jack; he is named after Jim's father John) and remains living in a low profile.


Associate Producer

1986- Vain Glory



written by Jeannette

For many years, it was believed that Kyoko's birth name and date was Kyoko Chan Cox, born on August 8th. However, it turned out to be all wrong! Chan is actually an affectionate endearment in Japan. As for why her birthdate was wrong, is unknown but I am happy to have it correct. Thank you to Kyoko for the corrections!