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Beatrice Milly McCartney
October 28, 2003 in London, England
Paul and Heather Mills McCartney.
Time: 7:45 PM 
Scale: 7 lbs

Birth: Caesarean

Hospital: St. John and St. Elizabeth Hospital

Beatrice was born in 2003, her mother had experience many problems of getting pregnant after have two ectopic pregnancies. Despite her parents' celebrity status, Paul and Heather are determined to give Beatrice a private life and try to keep her away from the limelight as much as possible. Beatrice has accompanied her father's tours in 2004 and 2005. In May of 2006, Paul and Heather announced their separation before filing for divorce in July, eventually divorcing in 2008. Although Heather is the main carer for Beatrice, the custody is shared equally with both parents sharing a week each and holidays. Beatrice divides her time between England and Austria. She wanted to be a marine biologist when she grows up however has a great love for musical theatre.

Name Origins

Beatrice after Beatrice Finlay Mills, Heather's mother. Beatrice died in 1989 from complications after an operation on her leg that was damaged from a car accident from the late 1970s
Milly after Mildred McCartney, Paul's paternal aunt. After Paul's mother died in 1956, Milly and Gin McCartney helped their brother, Jim, cook, clean, and help raise Paul and his younger brother Michael

written by Jeannette