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Count Gian Andrea R. Gregorini de Savingniano di Romagnia
April 6, 1972 in Rome, Italy
Augusto and Barbara Gregorini

After a healthy pregnancy, Barbara went in for a natural delivery but after an examination, doctors discovered an irregular heartbeat. Barbara delivered Gianni by Caesarean section. Gianni was diagnosed with cerebral palsy after having the umbilical cord wrapped around tightly around his neck, suffering brain damage from lack of oxygen. Gianni went under physiotherapy that was done by his parents for two years until he could walk. When he was four years old, his parents divorced. Augusto remained in Italy while Barbara moved to California to further her acting career and they shared custody of Gianni and his sister, Francesca. Gianni had terrible gait but was able to move himself around. He had a tough time at school because of his condition with other mothers objecting him from being there. On April 27, 1981, Gianni attended his mother's wedding to Ringo Starr. After graduating from American College in California, Gianni is now a business man working for Relative Capital Markets after working for his father and having a private life while establishing a close relationship with Barbara, Ringo, and the family. Gianni and his girlfriend have a daughter, Luna, born in 2021.


Business Man

written by Jeannette