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John Charles Julian Lennon 
April 8, 1963 in Liverpool, England
John and Cynthia Lennon
Time: 6 AM
Scale: 6 lbs 11 oz

Birth: Natural

Hospital: Sefton General Hospital

Where: Liverpool, England

Julian was born in 1963 in time his father became a household name in England. At the time, his parents' marriage and his birth was kept a secret by Brian's request so that fans would believe that John was available. Months later, the marriage and Julian's existence became known. Although John did love Julian, business with the Beatles kept John away most of Julian's toddler years. In 1968, Julian's life changed when his parents separated, and later divorced. Paul felt sorry for Julian after visiting him and Cynthia after the separation and wrote "Hey Jude". After the divorce became final, Cynthia got custody with John visitation rights. A few months after the divorce, John remarried to Yoko Ono while Cynthia became involved and later married Roberto Bassanini. Roberto became a father figure to Julian and they continued to be close after the divorce with Cynthia until his death in the 1990s. Julian was a regular weekend visitor at John's home until 1971 when John and Yoko moved to New York City. For the next three years, John and Julian didn't see or speak to each other. In 1974, John and Yoko separated. Cynthia asked John to reconnect with Julian. With the encouragement by May Pang, John's girlfriend, John started talking to Julian more with phone calls, letters, and gifts. In Christmas of 1974, John invited Julian and Cynthia to Los Angeles, where he was staying, and took him to Disneyland. They traveled to New York and then Julian and Cynthia went back to England soon after. By 1975, John and Yoko reunited and Sean was born later that year. Julian traveled to New York whenever he could during the school's holidays. In April of 1979, John took Julian, Yoko, Sean, Yoko's family, and a few friends to West Palm BeachFlorida where John gave a birthday party for Julian. Later, they traveled back to New York and then Julian went back home to England. That would be the last time John and Julian would see each other. In December of 1980, with Cynthia away visiting Maureen, John Twist (who married Cynthia in 1977) received news that John was murdered and informed Julian. Cynthia came home quickly after hearing the news and saw Julian off to New York to see Yoko and Sean. By 1983, Julian decided to become a musician after several years dabbling. In 1984, his first record, "Valotte" was released and received great reviews. But the comparisons with his father, and pressures from fame, were too much for him. He got into drugs heavily and by 1986, "The Secret Value of Daydreaming" was released and flopped. "Mr. Jordon" and "Help Yourself" followed until 1993 when Julian had enough and got out of the music business. His relationship strained with Yoko with the involvement of merchandising John's name and selling off personal possessions- which he bought back. In 1997, Julian returned to the music business with his own independent record label, Music From Another Room and released "Photograph Smile", which got positive reviews. Julian lives in Monte Carlo, working on several projects (including a new album) and maintaining his own website and another dedicated to his family from Liverpool, the Stanley/Lennons. In 2009, Julian and Cynthia hosted the launch of White Feather: A Spirit of Lennon, a John Lennon Memorabilia Exhibition at The Beatles Story in Liverpool, England. In September of 2010, Julian hosted his first photo exhibition, Timeless, at the Morrison Hotel Gallery in New York City, New York with Cynthia, Yoko, and Sean attending the opening night. In December of 2012, Julian hosted his second photo exhibition, Alone, as part of Art Basel Festival in Miami Beach, Florida. Since then, Julian has had a number of photo exhibitions around the world. On April 1, 2015, Julian was at his mother's side when she passed away. Besides being a musician and photographer, Julian also is a philanthropist with his White Feather Foundation and supporter of Lupus Foundation of America.


Name Origins

John after John Lennon, his father

Charles after Charles Powell, Cynthia's father who died in June of 1957 from cancer

Julian after Julia Stanley Lennon, John's mother who died on July 15, 1958 after being run over by an off duty policeman



1967- drew a picture of his friend, Lucy O'Donald called "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" which inspired John to write a song which appears in the Beatles' "Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band" 

1968- Julian, with John and Ringo's help, drew the back of the Beatles' annual Christmas album


-can play drums, guitar, piano
1984- Valotte
1986- The Secret Value of Daydreaming 
1989- Mr. Jordan
1991- Help Yourself
1997- Photograph Smile
2011- Everything Changes


2004- Blowfish Sushi To Die For Restaurant in San FranciscoCalifornia
upcoming- Red bar and grill

1995- Leaving Las Vegas "Bartender"



2010- The Beatles' Memorbililia: The Julian Lennon Collection

2017- Touch the Earth
2018- Heal the Earth

2019- Love the Earth



written by Jeannette