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James Louis McCartney
September 12, 1977 in London, England
Paul and Linda McCartney
6 lbs 1 oz 
Birth: Caesarean
Hospital: Avenue Clinic

Where: London, England

James spent his two and a half years on the road with his older sisters and parents, who were in a successful music group, Wings. After Wings broke up, the McCartneys settled down with the children, who attended local public schools. In 1989, James, Stella, and Mary (who came time to time as Linda's assistant) joined Paul and Linda on their world tour. James continued his education with a tutor. In 1993, celebrating his birthday, James and his friends went out to swim in the sea. When the weather started to get bad, the water currents carried James off. Paul, Linda, and Stella rushed to the site, distraught and helpless. Luckily, James was recovered back to shore safely. On April 17, 1998, in Tucson, Arizona, James was at his mother's side when she died from breast cancer, which was diagnosed in 1995. The first night after his mother died, James slept with his father and then the family traveled back to England with Linda's ashes and scattered them on the McCartney's home property. Later that year, James graduated from college with Paul in attendance. In 1999, James, who's a vegan, wrote a letter to the Mayor of Wisconsin to try not to prevent the Dairy Expo Company to sell the milk which he believed that was intended for calves. On June 10, 2002, James joined Paul at his bachelor party the day before he married Heather Mills. James is a sometime musician and sculptor, living in London, England. In 2005, he was spotted accompanying his father during his American tour. However James became a recluse, working as a waiter and got involved with drugs. After his father's separation from Heather Mills in 2006, James appeared more in public, accompaning Paul to various events including his sisters' events and his mother's photography exhibit to celebrate Linda's life after 10 years since she died, in London. In 2009, Paul announced that he was working on a new album with his son. That same year, James introduced his new band, Light and went on his first tour in the United Kingdom for 2010. However Light disbanded and James went on as a soloist.

Name Origins

James- after James McCartney, Paul's father. James died on March 18, 1977

Louis- after Louise Sara Linder Eastman, Linda's mother. Louise died on March 1, 1962 from a plane crash. Heather's middle name is also Louise, who was born on December 31, 1962.






2010- "Available Light"

2010- "Me"

2011- "Close at Hand"

2016- "The Blackberry Train"

written by Jeannette