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Quotes: The Beatles

"They were the most amazing band of all time. It's really over the past five years that I've come to appreciate their music. And, of course, I love my granddad to bits" -Tatia


"I don't know why people think I sit around the house and constantly think about Dad all the time. So it's very strange that they should think that or that I still communicate or have close relationships with the Beatles. I mean they were Dad's friends. They were acquaintances." -Julian


“I’m not an expert of The Beatles. If I want to know something about them I ask to my father." -Lee


"It's really beautiful to have all the families here- it's like a reunion. I saw Paul and we gave each other a big hug." -Julian (at the Beatles Cirque du Soleil's LOVE premiere)


"It's like children of famous actors- they're born with the gene. You either say, 'No, I can't top that' and move into another field or you just go with it. You've had Julian, Sean, Dhani and my son James, who is a great musician. I'm doing an album with him. And Ringo's kids are all great drummers." -Paul


"I already played with him when we did the Concert for George. I was up there between Paul and Ringo, which was pretty weird. -Dhani


“My youngest is only six and she's only just getting into it. It's really cute to see the youngest ones awakening to it.” -Paul (Beatrice and his grandchildren being Beatles' fans)


"We just keep to ourselves. Everyone's constantly trying to suggest that there might be something there but it's not what we want to do at all." -Dhani (on getting together with Julian, Sean, Zak, and James to make music)


“I didn't feel like I was growing up the daughter of a Beatle. It's home and it's family. The only time you would is in the street when people are coming up and behaving strangely, or if we're in a restaurant and people are staring at us." –Mary


“I don't think it's something that Zak wants to do. Maybe Jason would want to do it. I'd be up for it. Sean seemed to be into it, Dhani seemed to be into it. I'd be happy to do it.” –James


“We're all family. We're all related deep down.” –Stella

“I don't know about that. We haven't done that quite yet. They're all too little. But there will be. We just need to all get together. But there's definitely enough children of children of Beatles. Ringo's daughter Lee just had triplets. Jay, her brother, has got four boys. Dhani will have children soon, I'm sure. He's like the little brother.” –Stella

"It’s why I think I’m most like Stella and Mary McCartney. They’re the same. Look at Stella: you don’t get to stay in Karl Lagerfeld’s job if you can’t cut it. If you want anyone to take you seriously, first of all you have to have good grades or a really hard work ethic. Everyone’s looking at me thinking, 'He’s got it handed to him on a plate; he got that because of his dad.'" -Dhani


"There are so many. The Word is one. The thing about his drumming is it's so incredibly original. And it's so great for the song. He's listening to the song and he knows what's going on, and what he plays complements the song perfectly. That's the chemistry of a great band- that's why the great bands are the great bands. It just works. Even with the Who, if you take a member out of the band it's never going to be the same. With my dad's parts, you can pick any track and there's just one bit on the drums where you go, 'God, how did he do that?' or "Why did he do that? It's so good." -Zak

"He was one of four guys who were loved by the world, and he was always made out to be the cuddliest, most lovable one of them all. John was always the rebel, Paul was, and still is, the nice guy and George is the quiet one." -Zak

"It’s part of our lives, and you’ve gotta just embrace it and dig it." -Zak


“Between my dad, John, Paul and Ringo, there was pretty much no musical stone they left unturned. I remember saying to my dad: ‘The backwards solo guitar on that Hendrix thing is just the stickiest thing I ever heard.’ Dad just replied, without looking up from his tea: 'I did the first backwards guitar solo on I’m only sleeping’” -Dhani

made by Jeannette

Statements in Tribute

(with the exception of the children, the parents' statements will be edited for Children content only)


John Lennon 1980

"There is no funeral for John. Later in the week we will set the time for a silent vigil to pray for his soul. We invite you to participate from wherever you are at the time. We thank you for the many flowers, please consider sending donations in his name to the Spirit Foundation, Inc. which is John's personal charitable foundation. He would have appreciated it very much. John loved and prayed for the human race. Please pray the same for him. Love Yoko and Sean"

"I told Sean what happened. I showed him the picture of his father on the cover of the paper and explained the situation. I took Sean to the spot where John lay after he was shot. Sean wanted to know why the person shot John if he liked John. I explained that he was probably a confused person. Sean said he would find out if he was confused or if he really had meant to kill John. I said that was up to the court. He asked "what court- a tennis court or a basketball court?" That's how Sean used to talk with his father. They were buddies. John would have been proud of Sean if he had heard this. Sean cried later. He also said, "Now Daddy is part of God. I guess when you die you become much more bigger because you're part of everything.". I don't have much more to add to Sean's statement. The silent vigil wll take place December 14 at 2 PM for ten minutes. Our thoughts will be with you. Love Yoko and Sean December 10, 1980 New York City."

"I would like to say how terribly upset we are at the sudden and tragic death of John Lennon. Julian is particularly upset about it. It came so suddenly. Julian remained very close to his father in recent years and is hoping to follow a career in music. I have always had the deepest affection for John since the divorce and have always encouraged his relationship with Julian" -Cynthia Twist

Linda McCartney 1998

...We send our love to Paul, Heather, Mary, Stella, and James..." -Ringo Starr and Barbara Bach

 George Harrison 2001

"He left this world as he lived it, consious of God, fearless of death, and at peace, surrounded by family and friends. He often said, "Everything else can wait but the search for God cannot wait, and love one another" -Olivia and Dhani Harrison

"...Both Barbara and I send our love to Olivia and Dhani..." -Ringo Starr

It is a sad day for all of us, I loved George very much. He was the kindest of men. Our time together, though little, was always memorable. He was a man to be inspired by and he certainly touched my heart and millions of others. He will be missed, but I believe that after all the pain he has endured, he is finally at peace. My heart goes out to Olivia and Dhani, but I know that George is still with them in spirit and will be guarding them every day of their lives until they meet again. George you are beautiful. Luv Ya Always, Julian x

...My love and condolences to Olivia and Dhani. I know his memory will give them immense strength and courage, the memory of a very special human being. -Cynthia Lennon

Neil Aspinall 2008

"Neil takes with him the love and history of his extended family. He was our constant and avuncular caretaker for so many years, there is no way to measure how much he will be missed" -Olivia and Dhani Harrison

"I just wanted to say, that Neil was a unique man, a loyal man & a man of great strength. He will be missed. I just wanted to publicly send my condolences to His Family & all that knew him, from either working with him, or just knowing him as a friend, from myself & My Mother, Cynthia. We will of course be contacting his family directly too. R.I.P Neil, Hope you guys are having fun up there!" -Julian Lennon

Cynthia Lennon 2015

“Peace and love to Julian Lennon God bless Cynthia love Ringo and Barbara xx”

“Sending our love and deepest sympathies to dear Julian Lennon. May God bless Cynthia always. Love Dhani & Olivia”

“...She was a good mother to Julian and will be missed by us all, but I will always have great memories of our times together." -Paul

"We'll miss you! Our thoughts and our love and our prayers go to Julian at this difficult time" -Sean

"I’m very saddened by Cynthia’s death. She was a great person and a wonderful mother to Julian. She had such a strong zest for life and I felt proud how we two women stood firm in the Beatles family. Please join me in sending love and support to Julian at this very sad time. Love, Yoko" 

Sir George Martin 2016

“Dear sweet man. God bless.” -Dhani 

“R.I.P. George Martin. I’m so gutted I don’t have many words. Thinking of Judy and Giles and family. Love Always” -Sean

“George you inspired so many and I feel so blessed to have had you in my life. You are very loved and missed by us all.X” -Stella

“So Sad to hear the News of George’s Passing… The Fifth Beatle, without question, and likely one of the best & most Iconic Music Producers of all time. You were always such a gentleman and have inspired Millions and will continue to do so for Millennia…It was an Honour to know You. My Heart & Prayers go out to Judy and all other Family members… x” -Julian

“Sir George Martin a true gentleman and a brilliant talent. I feel lucky to have so many happy memories that include you and your family in them. You will be much missed.” -Mary

Arranged by Jeannette