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*Beatles' manager, Brian Epstein, was Julian's Godfather. Sean's musician Elton John

*Jason is known as Jay in the family

*Julian's first name is actually John, however he is known as Julian to avoid family confusion (his other middle name is Charles, but his maternal Uncle was already known as Charles). John has called Julian "JCJ"- his intials

*Julian, Zak, Jason, Lee, Stella, Sean, James, and Dhani are all right-handed. Mary is ambidextrous, she can write with both hands.

*In the early 1980s, Julian temporary lived with Ray Cooper,
's well known percussionist. Ray is also very good friends with Dhani

*When Sean was little, he wanted to be a toothpick maker

*While in labor, Yoko was in the same hospital room where Jacqueline Kennedy gave birth to Caroline

*John wanted to name Sean originally George Washington United States of
Citizen Lennon

*Julian, Heather, Mary, Stella, James did not have a Nanny. However, Zak, Jason, Lee, Sean, Beatrice had a Nanny.
-Zak, Jason, and Lee's Nanny was named Stella
-Sean's Nanny was named Helen Seaman
-Whenever Cynthia was away from Julian, he would be looked after by John's Aunt Harriet Stanley Birch, her mother Lilian Powell, or the Lennons' housekeeper Dorothy Jarett.
-When Paul and Linda performed with Wings on tour, the children would be looked after by Billy
-Beatrice's Nanny was named Sara Trumble, from 2004-2008

*If Julian was a girl, he would've been named Julia

*If Zak was a girl, he would've been named Lee (a name that would eventually become his sister's)

*Julian was in the Combined Cadet Force
*At John's suggestion, Brian Epstein arranged Billy Kramer of the Dakotas to have a middle initial as a "J" because it sounded better; standing for Julian in marking the birth of his son.
*Beatrice's name means 'bringer of joy' and she loves the "Shrek" movies.
*It was Dhani's idea for the Beatles to be featured for Wii's game series Rock Band
*Dhani's college roommate was Matthew Reeve, son of actor Christopher Reeve at Brown University
*It was Stella's idea for Paul's 'My Valentine' music video featuring Natalie Portman and Johnny Depp doing sign language for the lyrics

written by Jeannette