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Mel & Linda See
Separated: c. 1964
Divorced: June of 1965
Custody: Linda
*It's not very known if Mel kept in touch with Heather until Linda married Paul in 1969 and he adopted Heather with Mel's consent. However, in the 1980s, Heather and Mel reunited and remained close up until his death in 1999.
Relationship: When Heather reunited with Mel, Linda accepted the decision and had a cordial contact with Mel.

John & Cynthia Lennon
Separated: June of 1968
November 8, 1968
Custody: Cynthia
*John had visitation rights until between the years of 1971 to 1974, there was no contact after John moved to
New York. After John and Yoko separated, Cynthia contacted John to reunite him with Julian. John and Julian occasionally see each other with Julian traveling to New York and kept contact over the phone up until John's death in 1980.
Relationship: none- John and Cynthia rarely spoke after their divorce despite Cynthia’s wish for them to be friends and parents; they did talk c. 1973-1974 but other than then that only a letter from 1974 and a telegram of congratulations to the marriage of Cynthia and John Twist

Tony & Yoko Cox
Separated: c. 1968
February 3, 1969
Custody: Yoko (1969-1972); Tony (1972-until Kyoko was legally an adult)
*Tony had visitation rights until he kidnapped Kyoko. He was later arrested and a custody battle started. A Judge asked Kyoko who she wanted to live with and she chose Tony. They vanished from Yoko's life until Kyoko reunited with her mother in the 1990s.
Relationship: unknown

Ringo & Maureen Starr
Separated: c. 1974
July 17, 1975
Custody: Maureen
*Ringo had visitation rights
Relationship: Friends until Maureen's death in 1994, Ringo was at her bedside.

Augusto & Barbara Gregorini
Separated: 1975
Divorced: 1978

Custody: joint
Relationship: Friendly

Alistair & Mary McCartney Donald
Separated: c. 2005
Divorced: c. 2006
Custody: unknown (most likely joint)
Relationship: friendly

Paul & Heather Mills McCartney
Separated: April of 2006 (announced
May 17, 2006)
Divorced: May 12, 2008

Custody: joint
Relationship: barely other than contact regarding Beatrice 


Zak & Sarah Menedikes Starkey

Separated : unknown (but not known to public until 2006)

Divorced: unknown

Custody: Tatia is now legally an adult

Relationship: Zak and Sarah are close


Bruce & Nancy Shevell Blakeman

Separated: 2007

Divorced: December 9, 2009

Custody: Arlen is now legally an adult

Relationship: Amicable

Dhani & Sola Harrison

Separated: Summer of 2016

Divorced: filed in November of 2016

Custody: no children

Relationship: unknown at this time

Written by Jeannette