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Alfred Lennon December 12, 1912 Liverpool, England- April 1, 1976

Julia Stanley March 12, 1914 Liverpool, England- July 15, 1958

Married: December 3, 1938

Alfred was a seaman and often went abroad visiting far and few in between. After John's birth in 1940, the marriage fell apart; Alfred and Julia last saw each other in 1945 when he took John to Blackpool, England, intending to move to New Zealand but Julia was determined to keep her son; although John was living with her sister, Mimi Smith. Despite being legally married, Julia gave birth to Victoria in 1945 from a relationship and was forced to give the baby up for adoption; that same year, Julia became involved with John Albert Dykins- they had two daughters, Julia and Jacqueline. By 1958, Julia was close to her son, allowing him to rehearse with the Quarrymen at her home and attending his early gigs until she was accidentally killed by being run over by an off duty drunk policeman.

Alfred and John remain estranged until John was famous with the Beatles and tried to contact in 1964 during the making of "A Hard Day's Night" but John refused. Alfred tried again in 1965 by coming to his home in Weybridge, Surrey with Cynthia letting him in where he met Julian for the first time. Alfred remarried to Pauline Jones in 1968 and they had two sons, David and Robin. John spoke to his father a few times until Alfred died from cancer; he offered to pay for the funeral by Pauline refused.


James McCartney July 2, 1902 Liverpool, England- March 18, 1976

Mary Patricia Mohin September 29, 1909 Liverpool, England- October 31, 1956

Married: April 18, 1941

Jim was a fireman during the War and a Cotton salesman while Mary was a nurse and a mid-wife (help delivering babies). After the birth of their sons, the McCartneys moved often until settling down at 20 Forthlin Road in Liverpool. In 1948, Mary was diagnosed with breast cancer but was in remission until the Spring of 1956 when the cancer returned. In the Fall of 1956, Mary lost her battle with cancer; Jim took responsibility of raising his sons with the help of his sisters, Milly and Gin with the cooking and cleaning.

In 1964, Jim met and remarried to Angela Stopworth Williams and adopted her daughter, Ruth Ann (born 1959). In 1976, Jim died of cancer while Paul was on tour with Wings.


Harold Hargreaves Harrison May 28, 1909 Liverpool, England- May of 1978

Louise Anne French March 10, 1911 Liverpool, England- July 7, 1970

Married: May 20, 1930

During the first six years of marriage, Harold was a seaman before leaving to work as a bus conductor. Louise was a greengrocer until she gave birth to her daughter, Louise in 1931. Harold and Louise were members of the Depot Social Club and held dancing nights. They supported George's musical career, letting the Quarrymen rehearse and Louise attending to the gigs, she was even a regular at the Cavern club. Louise embraced the fans as the Beatles got famous, inviting them into her home and corresponded to the fan mail. In 1970, Louise died and the fans were devastated.

After his wife's death, Harold occasionally toured with George, staying at his home Friar Park until his death of emphysema in 1978, a few months before Dhani was born.


Richard Henry Parkin Starkey October 1, 1913 Liverpool, England- unknown

Elise Gleave October 19, 1914 Liverpool, England- circa 1987

Married: October 24, 1936

Dick and Elise worked as bakers and lived with Dick's parents until they found their own home. They enjoyed going out at nights until Elise gave birth to Richard in 1940. In 1943, Dick left home and they divorced in October of that year;he visited occasionally as Elise remained close to her former in-laws and remarried in 1953 to painter Harry Graves.

Dick remarried in 1962, working as a window cleaner. Other information is unknown

Elise and Richie remained close until her death in the 1980s while he was estranged from his father and was very close to his stepfather Harry Graves, who died on August 27, 1994


Charles Edwin Powell c. 1901 Liverpool, England- June 1956

Lillian Anne Roby c. 1902 Liverpool, England- December 1985

Married: unknown

Charles was the GEC's electrical appliance salesman while Lillian loved auction shopping and knitting. In 1956, Charles died from lung cancer and Lillian decided to have boarders to live in the family home to help fund Cynthia to attend Liverpool College of Art. By 1961, Lillian moved to Canada as a nanny to her neice's baby until 1963 when she moved back to England to help Cynthia with Julian. Lillian moved near Weybridge in Surrey and took care of Julian with help of the Lennon's housekeeper, Dot Jarlett, when Cynthia was away with John. After Cynthia's divorce from John, Lillian remained close with Cynthia and by late 1970s, she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Cynthia took care of her mother until she died in 1985.


Joseph Cox c. 1913 Liverpool, England- unknown

Florence Barrett c. 1914 Liverpool, England- unknown

Married: February 23, 1941

Joseph was a seaman and Florence worked as a sugar packer and raised their only child, Mary, born in 1946. After Maureen's divorce from Ringo in 1975, Florence moved in with her daughter to be on hand in taking care of Zak, Jason, and Lee. After Maureen's death in 1994, Florence helped Maureen's widower, Isaac Tigrett on raising Augusta. In 1995, Lee stayed at Isaac's home while recuperating after brain tumor surgery with Florence and Augusta on hand for her aide.


Leopold Vail Eastman January 10, 1910 New York City, New York- July 30, 1991

Louise Sara Linder November 11, 1911 Cleveland, Ohio- March 1, 1962

Married: 1937

Lee was a sucessful lawyer and Louise came from a successful family as a heiress for several department stores. When their two older children were attending out-of-state colleges (John in Harvard, Linda in University of Arizona), Lee and Louise decided one should fly alone in case a tragedy to occur so one parent can be around to look after the children. In 1962, Louise, while en route to see John, was killed in a plane crash in Jamaica Bay.

A year later, 1963, Lee remarried to Monique Schless Sprayregen. In 1965 Linda and Heather moved back to New York to stay with Lee until Linda found her own place and was working as a photographer for 'Town and Country' magazine- a career path Lee disapproved. In 1969, Lee and John were enlisted to run the Beatles' company, Apple, as legal advisors; however John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr opted Allen Klein. Lee and John continued to legal represent Paul until Lee's death in 1991 from a stroke.


Eisuke Ono

Isako Yasuda d. January 15, 2001

Married: unknown


Esiquiel L. Arias October 19, 1915, Mexico City, Mexico- October 24, 1998 Hawthorne, California

Mary Louise Negrete March 2, 1920, Mexico City, Mexico

Married: unknown

Zeke and Mary Louise immigrated from Mexico during the Mexican Revolution to California. Zeke worked on the railroads while the family lived in the rundown labor camp La Seceron de Santa Fe in Los Angeles, welcoming Ronald, Olivia, and Linda. The family settled in Hawthorne in 1950 while Zeke worked as a dry cleaner and Mary Louise was a steamstress; Gilbert and Christine joined the family. In 1978, Zeke and Mary Louise were the only attendees at Olivia's wedding to George Harrison, a month after Dhani's birth. Zeke died in October of 1998. Mary Louise and Dhani were at Friar Park for the holidays in December of 1999 when an intruder broke into the home and attacked George and Olivia.


Mark John Francis Mills circa 1943 Brighton, England- unknown

Beatrice Mary Finlay circa 1943 India- February 1989

Married: unknown

Beatrice's father disowned Beatrice after when she married Mark. After several years of physical and verbal abuse and many moves, Beatrice left the family in 1977 and moved in with Charles Stapley in London where Charles worked as an actor and Beatrice worked as a hospice counselor. In 1981, Beatrice reunited with her children who visited her from time to time until Mark was in prison for fraud. Heather and Beatrice's relationship was estranged as Heather grew independent after her mother left to take care of the family. By 1988, Heather was engaged to Alfie Karmal and reunited with her mother who was preparing for surgery on her leg- which was damaged after a car accident when Heather was a child. Due to complications, Beatrice died.

Heather and her father have been estranged since the 1980s and he had not met his granddaughter Beatrice before he died.


Aunts and Uncles

Victoria Elizabeth Stanley

June 15, 1945 Liverpool, England

Julia gave her up for adoption under her father's orders as she was not financial stable and caring for her son, John as well as being technically married as Victoria was a result from another relationship. Victoria was adopted by Peder and Margaret Pedersen and was renamed Ingrid Marie. In the 1960s, John was told by his Aunts that he had another sister and tried to look for her unsuccessfully; in 1966 Ingrid discovered that she was John's sister but kept quiet under her adoptive mother's request until her death in 1998. Ingrid was then living in England as a nurse and announced her identity. Ingrid has met Yoko Ono and only met her biological family of the Stanleys in 2005 although they had mentioned that she was welcome into the fold.


Julia Dykins

March 5, 1947, Liverpool, England

After her mother's death in 1958, Julia and Jacqui were sent to Julia's sister Harriet Birch to live and their father, John Dykins (known as Bobby) visiting. In August of 1968, Julia married Allan Baird and had lived in Ireland for many years before moving back to England; Julia is the mother of Nicholas, Sarah, and David. Julia didn't speak to John since 1966 until 1975 when John wanted to speak to her and was trying to established contact with his family after a few years. Julia worked as a French teacher and is in contact with Julian while only meeting Sean rarely.


Jacqueline Gertrude Dykins

October 26, 1949, Liverpool, England

After Julia's death in 1958, Julia and Jacqui moved in with their Aunt Harriet Birch with their father, Bobby Dykins, visiting occasionally. During the 1970s, Jacqui was a shop girl but fell on hard times as a heroin addict. In the 1980s, Jacqui recovered and gave birth to her son, John, and worked as a hairstylist.


David Henry Lennon

February 26, 1969


Robin Francis Lennon

October 23, 1973


Charles R. F. Powell

c. 1928 Liverpool, England

married to Penelope Anne Johnson on February 25, 1967 and lived in Libya


Anthony Powell

c. 1931 Liverpool, England

married to Marjorie Joyce in April 1960 and attended John and Cynthia Lennon's wedding in August of 1962.


Keisuke Ono

December 1936 Tokyo, Japan

Keisuke graduated from Scarsdale High School in 1963 and got married the same year. He attended Aoyama Gakuin in Japan. Keisuke is a father of five children: Keisuke Jr., Akiko, Reiko, Takako, and Kousuke. He lives in Japan.


Setsuko Ono

December 1941 Tokyo, Japan

An artist who studied at University of Geneva when she met Piero Gleijeses in 1970. They married in 1974 in Italy, Piero's home country, and settled in Washington D.C.; she started working for the World Bank for 28 years before retiring in 2003. In between her travels, she attended an art college and after her retirement, focused on her art as a painter and sculpture.


Peter Michael McCartney

January 7, 1944 Liverpool, England

A Photographer since he was a teenager and a sometime musician who was in the 1960s band Scaffold. Mike was married to Angela Fishwick in June of 1968 and they had three daughters, Brenna, Theran, and Abigail before divorcing in 1979. In May of 1982, Mike married Rowena Horne and they had three sons, Josh, Sonny, and Max. Mike and Paul are close; in 2003 Mike took the first photo of Beatrice after she was born. Mike has been seen at Stella's fashion shows on occasion.


John Linder Eastman

July 10, 1939; Scarsdale, New York

Graduated at Harvard as a lawyer, Paul, after marrying Linda, hired John as his lawyer and business manager as he still is today. Married to Josephine Lenord Merrill (Jodie) since September 7, 1964 and father of Lee Vail, John Lindner, Jr., and Louise.


Laura Lee Eastman

April 21, 1946; Scarsdale, New York

Graduated from Smith College and runs her fashion and accessories line in New York. She divides her time in Italy and New York and is married to David Malcolm since 1990.


Louise Lorna Eastman

June 12, 1948; Scarsdale, New York

Graduated from Smith College in 1970. Married to Charles Weed since August 28, 1976 and is the mother of Charles and Loulse.

Louise Harrison

August 16, 1931 Liverpool, England

After marrying Gordon Caldwell, the newlyweds moved to Benton, Illinois. In 1963, her brothers, Peter and George, traveled to stay with Louise for a few weeks. The following year, the Beatles came to New York and George fell ill; Louise traveled to nurse her brother and stayed for their tour to Washington, D.C. Louise and Gordon had two children, Gordon Jr. and Leslie before they divorced in the 1980s. Louise participates with the Beatles conventions and in 1995, was part of saving her old home in Benton, Illinois where George stayed into a bed-breakfast, A Hard Day's Night Inn, which opened in 1996. The Inn closed in 2009. Louise now lives in Missouri and is estranged from Olivia and Dhani.


Harold James Harrison

July 20, 1933 Liverpool, England

Married to Irene McCann in 1958 with the Quarrymen performing at the reception. Harry and Irene had two children, Paul and Irene. Not long after George bought his home, Friar Park, he enlisted Harry as the estate manager.


Peter Henry Harrison

July 20, 1940 Liverpool, England- June 1, 2007

Married to Pauline Johnson and parents to Ian, Linda, and Mark. After being a mechanic for a number of years, George enlisted Peter as his garden overseer of Friar Park. Peter was active in sports and with his wife, traveled to Australia and New Zealand. After a year of battling cancer, Peter died in June of 2007.


Ronald E. Arias

March 1942, Los Angeles, California
Graduated from Hawthorne High School in 1960.

Linda Louise Arias

July 1949, Los Angeles, California

Graduated from Hawthorne High School in 1966. Divorced from Carl Roles who attempted to sell off George's personal belongings after he died in 2001. Linda and Carl had a son, Peter B. She currently lives in Hawaii with her second husband, who is an artist.

Gilbert Louis Arias

September 1951, Hawthorne, California

Graduated from Hawthorne High School in 1969. Father of two sons, Jesse and Kai. Currently lives in Hawaii

Christine M. Arias

December 20, 1959, Hawthorne, California

Graduated from Hawthorne High School in 1977. Married to Robert Ernst who worked as a cop and mother to Tony. Lives in Calfironia after living in Florida for many years


Shane Mills

c. 1965

Producer of Programming for Classic FM


Fiona Mills

February 1970


Claire Mills

c. 1984



Augusta King Tigrett

Born in Dallas, Texas on January 4, 1987 to Isaac Tigrett and Maureen Starkey. Her father founded A Hard Rock Cafe and the House of Blues. Her parents did married in 1989. Her mother died on December 30, 1994 and she was raised by her father and maternal grandmother, Florence Cox with frequent contacts with her older half-siblings, Zak, Jason, and Lee. Augusta did appear in one of Zak's concerts in 1996 with Ringo, Barbara, her niece Tatia, with Zak and Lee in the family group photos.
Here's a little fact: Actor Dan Aykroyd is
Augusta's godfather

Written by Jeannette