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made by Jeannette

George Harrison

"It's horrible to lose your dad. But day by day I miss him more as a mate. He was my best friend in the whole world" -Dhani


"My dad never had any interest in releasing them. He worked very slowly and he spent most of his time gardening. To get him in the studio was very hard. He wasn't doing it for anybody else. He didn't care about the music industry." -Dhani (on working 'Brainwashed')


"He was happy and doing his singing. He never felt sorry for himself or went into depression. He was working and doing what he could" -Dhani


"I can't even begin to describe how I miss him. He always supported me in everything I did. He was a very wise man and I realized at an early age I could learn a lot from him. He always gave me the right answer" -Dhani


"But about all, he was a very easy-going guy and all he wanted was to be my best friend. I'm an only child and so he shared everything with me. Of course, he was very young to die and I was very young to lose a father. But there was nothing left unsaid between us." -Dhani


"And at the same time, to go through my father's music with a fine-tooth comb made me see things about him that even I hadn't realized: that he was even more impressive that I thought he was.  And that might sound like an arrogant thing to say, but, you know...even though I knew what I had, you never quite know what you've got until it's gone." -Dhani


"He was never afraid. He was willing to try and get better, but he didn't care.  He wasn't attached to this world in the way most people would be.  He was on to bigger and better things.  And he had a real total and utter disinterest in worrying and being stressed.  My dad had no fear of dying whatsoever.  I can't stress that enough, really." -Dhani


"Rich was so sad when George died. They had a deep connection, a soul connection. People think the Beatles were chummy all the time, but that's not entirely the case. I knew George as the gardener. He loved his garden and when we'd visit his house, that was what he showed us. He was so proud of it." -Francesca


"My dad didn't have many pals around, and I was his only child, so I was often in the studio with him. We were best friends." -Dhani


"George and I were very close. He was one of the nicest and most generous people." -Julian


"I was there for everything obviously from when I was born onward. I lived the life once with my dad. And then it's like watching your own life back through the eyes of Martin Scorsese...which is totally weird." -Dhani (about Living in the Material World: George Harrison documentary)


"Take from it what you will. We all know how it ends. It's heavy. My dad was a very interesting guy. I'm still learning from him." -Dhani (about Living in the Material World: George Harrison documentary)


"The music I want to hear in my head sounds somewhere between Jimi Hendrix and Massive Attack. It’s not really like my dad, but there will always be similarities because we have the same vocal cords, and I learnt the guitar the way he taught me.” -Dhani


“I pretty much lived in the studio with my dad. I was on the Traveling Wilburys’ album when I was eight, but I kind of waited for a long time to choose my way because I have seen how utterly brutalized the other children have been in the press.” -Dhani


“I was very empty after my father passed away. It was an emotional time, as it would be for anyone, but to be in the studio every day was kind of cathartic and healing and it just seemed very natural to continue.” -Dhani


“If I was trying to make money at this, I'd have probably given up a long time ago. The goal is to have a good time being a musician. I like to learn as much as possible from my friends and people I work with, to push myself forward and master things and experiment. It’s not a competition. People make a big deal about my dad, and musically he is a big deal, but that’s their issue, not my issue. I've been OK with it my whole life because he was my dad, so I'm getting on with it." -Dhani


"It’s really sad I don't get to hang out with him any more but he’s still there on a spiritual level, which is very much what he was about. George was a prolific songwriter and an amazing artist, very spiritual and an amazing guy." -James


"I’m very lucky– I’m lucky to have had the time with him, and there’s no way I could be where I am now without everything that’s happened. My dad was my dad and we made music together." -Dhani


"When he died I remember thinking we’d left nothing unsaid and that was good. But then you get older, and there have been so many times I miss my dad. Getting married, going on your stag do – pick any moment and you wish he was there." -Dhani

"I stopped being as crazy as I used to be because I want this child to have a father a lot longer. I want this child to have a father a bit longer. Also with a child around, I can realize what it was life to be my father. At the same time, you can relive certain aspects of being a child. You watch them and have all these flashbacks of when you were a kid. It somehow completes the generation thing." -George


"George was always a sweetheart to me. I loved him dearly. I miss him dearly." -Julian 


"What I saw in the father was great devotion, love and gentleness. His whole thing was that little boy." -Erik Estrada (about the time George and Dhani Harrison visited the set of 'CHiPS' in 1981; it was Dhani's favorite show at the time)


"My earliest memory of my dad is probably of him somewhere in a garden covered in dirt, somewhere hot, a tropical garden, in jeans, khakis, covered in dirt just continuously planting trees. I think that’s what I thought he did for the first seven years of my life. I was completely unaware that he had anything to do with music. I came home one day from school after being chased by kids singing ‘Yellow Submarine’, and I didn’t understand why. It just seemed surreal: why are they singing that song to me? I came home and I freaked out on my dad: ‘Why didn’t you tell me you were in The Beatles?’ And he said, ‘Oh, sorry. Probably should have told you that.’” -Dhani


"My dad was my hero, my best friend." -Dhani 


“I was pretty sure he was just a gardener. Being a gardener and not hanging out with anyone and just being home, that was pretty rock & roll, you know? When you’re in a really beautiful garden, it reminds you constantly of God.” -Dhani


“Planting trees and watching my boy grow up.” - George


“My mum said when I was a kid and someone asked me what my dad did, I said, ‘He pushes buttons.’” - Dhani


"My dad was very alarmed by the state of affairs in the world. He was very disturbed by it. That’s why he didn’t go out much, why he stayed in his garden. Because he didn’t like traffic jams and mobile phones, and governments and war.” -Dhani

"I said to him last year, or the year before, ‘Yeah, well, something something,’ you know, I’d done my degree and I was like, ‘Well, I’ve got a degree, you know - I’m this age’ and he, he laughed and he was just like, 'What was I doing when I was 23?’ I said, 'Dunno.’ He was like, 'What was I doing? Oh yes, Sgt. Pepper’” -Dhani


“He was a uplifting person to be around, he liked things that were happy and nice, and not too negative.” - Dhani

“My father was very lovely when I was growing up. I might have gotten in trouble for anything to do with hurting trees or guitars but not much else. That would land you in a lot of trouble at my house. He was very reasonable. But he didn’t mess around. He was stern, but he was very cool. He would play his guitars and have a cup of tea in the garden. That was the way it went. He liked to just plant trees all day long.” - Dhani


“The first part of his life was hectic and intense. He spent the second in the garden, enjoying nature, planting trees and composing” -Dhani


"My Dad didn’t like to see people upset. He hated it when people weren’t happy when they could be." -Dhani


“Yeah, that’s been a wonderful thing for me. Everybody who has a baby thinks their child is wonderful, and it is. I’m enjoying it a lot and, again, that’s probably why John isn’t working. After a long time of waiting, he and Yoko finally had a child and I think he wants to give most of his time to watching the child grow up.” -George 


“He was happy to play music with anyone - Dhani’s school friends, me. He just wanted to play.” - Olivia


“Paul was around more as an uncle, but in retrospect the most kind, gentle and open and observant of everybody was George. The sad thing was that we were becoming closer when he passed away. We hung out together from time to time in my 20s.” - Julian

“He used to say to me every day, ‘You don’t have to go to school today. Do you wanna just go on a yacht in the South Pacific and run away forever?’ A lot of people would probably say, ‘You’re an idiot for not doing that.’ And maybe in a way, I am. To rebel in my family was to go to school. I went to, like, a semi-military school. We did CCF one day a week, that used to piss him off, me walking around in an Air Force uniform. I was 15 and had some little run-in with some policemen. And he told the policemen to f*** off. And that was when I realizes that he was actually cool, on my side, and not just a scary dad, you know. And, he was very, very close to me after that. And we kind of would run off down the garden and hide, 'Don’t tell your mum’ kind of stuff, you know.” - Dhani


“In 2001, I went to see George in Switzerland in his last weeks. He was very ill and weak from lung and brain cancer. My daughter, Lee, was also ill with a brain tumor. I said, ‘George, I love you, but Lee's going into hospital in Boston, and I've got to go there.’ He said, ‘Do you want me to come with you?’ He couldn't move, but, in his being, he was willing. He was that good a friend.” -Ringo


Olivia Harrison

"First and foremost I am a wife and mother" -Olivia

“Olivia Harrison is a fucking cool chick” –Stella

"He is a strict father and I’m a demanding mother. I shout a lot to Dhani about keeping his room tidy, doing his homework, not interrupting. I’m constantly correcting him. I organize everything in my house. I know each glass that is chipped, which window needs washing. I have the ironing board in my bedroom. I find housework therapeutic." -Olivia

Dhani Harrison

"I don't really plan to be a pop star; I just want to be able to make music without the whole My Dad thing hanging over me, which everyone in my position goes through. It's a tricky one. You can' t help being a musician because you've grown up with music, yet being one means being compared to your dad and being slated for it. But I really don't have the ambitions of most people going into the industry." -Dhani

"We can instill the right values in our son. It is his nightmare that he should grow up spoiled" -George

"I hadn't seen much of Dhani while he was growing up but he was uncannily like George when I'd first known him" -Pattie Boyd (Wonderful Tonight: George Harrison, Eric Clapton, and Me)

"He's lively. He's fun and good company" -George

"I've stopped being as crazy as I used to be because I want this child to have a father for a bit longer. Also with a child around you can relive certain aspects of being a child. You can watch them and have all these flashbacks of when you were a kids. It somehow completes the generation thing" -George

"I hope I'm a good father. Most of all I try not to spoil him. I try to make him realize that not everyone lives in such a big house or has as much money as we do. That's a difficult lesson to teach someone in his position, but I think we do a good job." -George

"He's really good." –Paul

"With a famous parent, it's easier to get a foot in the door, but without the work you won't go further than that" -Dhani

"When your parents are cool hippies, the only way to rebel is to get straight A's, do sports and enroll in a military school. That's what I did." -Dhani

"I did everything I could to not be a musician, I went to university, I worked as a designer, I competed in Olympic sport...and I ended up being a musician. It's in the DNA, I guess." -Dhani

"I think I learned a lot about not buying into a lot of hype. I wanted to be a kind of faceless entity; I didn't want to be Dhani Harrison and the Muppets or something like that. I don't ever use my name for anything in terms of getting the music heard. My dad was always, like, 'Be a musician but don't be famous because you lose all your freedom'. He did a really great job of keeping me out of the press all my life, but I feel like I'm ready do to do what I want to do, and this is it." -Dhani

"My son looks more like George Harrison than I do" -George

"The only things I felt I had to do in my life are to be happy and meditate." -Dhani

"I was an only child. I hung out with my parents. I was always trying to be with the big kids, and the big kids at my house were like Jeff Lynne. My dad treated me like an adult – I got involved, he taught me how to make records from an early age. I grew up in a recording studio." -Dhani

"I always knew that if I was going to do anything and be taken seriously in my life, I had to work and work very, very hard. Because you can get a foot in the door by being George Harrison’s son, but you can’t stay there" -Dhani

"So if you do well they curse you, and if you do badly they curse you. People look at me at 34, doing this album, my band, and it’s like, 'You’re a bit late starting this'. The thing is, I’ve been doing this the whole time– I just didn’t let anyone see me. I worked, I practiced and I lived my life." -Dhani

“Dhani doesn’t play drums because of me. Because I was here once, when he was a baby, and I used to always give lessons to kids, you know, cos kids love to make that noise. Anyway, Dhani comes in, I said, ‘Dhani, come on, play the drums, look at the…‘ and he ran out the room screaming.” - Ringo

“Like, my boy’s nine, and he just loves Chuck Berry. When I did that Prince’s Trust concert last June - that was the first time he ever saw me hold a guitar onstage in front of people. He’s got to know a bit about the Beatles, but I’ve never pushed that on him or tried to say, ‘Look who I used to be.’ I did my two cute songs: Here Comes the Sun and While My Guitar Gently Weeps. He came back after the show, and I said, 'What did you think?’ He said, 'You were good, Dad, you were good. Why didn’t you do Roll Over Beethoven, Johnny B. Goode and Rock & Roll Music?’ I said, 'Dhani, that’s Chuck Berry’s show you’re talking about!’” -George 

“While we ate, I constantly had to look at little Dhani. I felt like I had little, seventeen-year-old George from the Hamburg times in front of me. He looked unbelievably like his father, even though his face seemed narrower and his hair was darker. Also he didn’t speak the Liverpool accent his father had at that time spoken heavily. Dhani seemed hyper and talked nineteen to the dozen. George turned to me. ‘I love my little Dhani more than anything… if only he wouldn’t talk so much,’ he whispered.” -Klaus Voormann

Sola Harrison

“People think of fashion as a shallow form of art, but it has had such importance to me from such a young age that I’ve never dismissed it as stupid. I always allowed for it to have importance in my life. The most important thing to me in fashion is to look comfortable. I don’t know what the direct translation in English would be, but there’s a word in Icelandic, which means to look natural, comfortable, and easy. That’s what I think about a lot.” -Sola

"My mother is just a beautiful very elegant woman that I admire, and I know I’ve taken lots from her. My mother is always very elegant, but she’s never been obsessed with fashion. From very early on she’s known that nobody tells me what to wear. That’s for sure." -Sola

Arranged by Jeannette