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made by Jeannette

Sarah Menidikes Starkey

Born to a hairdresser and Bunty Menikides in 1959. Sarah was a secretary for estate agent Chancellor's she met Zak when he was 16 and three years later, they were secretly married at Bracknell Register Office with only 3 people attending- not even his parents were told until afterwards; his father Ringo Starr hosted their wedding party the next day in January of 1985. Their daughter, Tatia Jayne, was born the following September. By 2006, Zak and Sarah were already separated and eventually divorced while remaining close. Sarah is now a rehab counselor.

James Scott Helfrich
Was born to John and Mrs. Helfrich in New York. Jim studied to be a lawyer in many colleges and moved to Colorado for litigation and finances since 1990. Married Kyoko Cox on August 1, 1992 and while they were expecting their first child, Emily (Emi), Jim urged Kyoko to contact her mother. Kyoko and Yoko were reunited in 1994. Jim and Kyoko welcomed a son, John (Jack) in 2000. 

Alistair H. Donald

Was born on May 7, 1966 to jewelry designer John and Mrs. Donald with sister Emma and brother Hugo. He was a director. Mary met Alistair by James and they became lovers in 1995. In early 1998, Alistair proposed; the wedding was set in May of 1998, but was postponed due to Linda's death in April that year. In 1998, after a few months of mourning and replanning, Alistair and Mary got married with Paul giving his daughter away. In 1999, Mary and Alistair welcomed their son, Arthur Alistair. In 2001, Alistair and Mary, with Paul and Linda (who had started the project before she died), came out with "Wingspan", a documentary on Wings. In 2002, Mary and Alistair welcomed their second son, Elliot. In April of 2005, Mary and Alistair announced their separation for a temporary time to help sort out their marriage. It is unknown the time when their divorce became final. In 2015, Alistair created and designed ceramic kitchen bowls, Hokan Bowls, for cooking and saving food after realizing how much food was being wasted. Mary attended the launch in May of 2015 with their son Elliot.

Alasdhair James Stewart Willis

Was born on June 2, 1970 to Robert and Owen Willis in Middlesbrough, England. He was a magazine publisher for "Wallpaper" and is now a consultant for hotels. Stella met Alasdhair in 2000 and in 2002, Alasdhair proposed. Their engagement sparked many rumors of when the wedding was. On August 30, 2003, Stella and Alasdhair married at the Isle of Bute, Scotland. In 2005, Stella and Alasdhair welcomed their son, Miller, and in 2006, they welcomed their daughter, and then in 2008, Beckett was born. Alasdhair has been seen attending Stella's fashion shows. In 2010, Stella and Alasdhair welcomed their fourth child, Reilley.

Flora Evans Starkey

Born on June 30, 1974 to Mr. and Caroline Evans. Fiona attended Academy of Fine Arts before becoming Superfine Jeans co-founder and designer of LondonEngland. Started dating Jason Starkey and had three children, Louie, Sonny and Rock before marrying in 2010. Flora became a florist and welcomed another child, Buddy in 2011

Simon Aboud

Born on June 29, 1965 to Mr. and Margaret Aboud and has a sister, Elizabeth. Simon was married to Emma Louise Brown and had Tabitha on December 5, 1989 before divorcing. Simon is a film-maker, writer, director, and photographer from London, England. Simon and Mary welcomed their first child together, Sam, in 2008; Simon has a daughter from a previous marriage. In 2009, Simon released his first book, "Told: The Art of Story". On June 12, 2010, Simon and Mary got married at Marylebone Registry Office with their children attending the ceremony. In 2011, Simon and Mary welcomed their second son together, Sid. In 2012, Simon released his first film that he written and directed, 'Comes A Bright Day'. His second film, "This Beautiful Fantastic" came out in 2015.

Jason Mehler

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on September 8, 1971 to John and Judy Wyatt Mehler. He has a sister, Jenna Mehler Donatone. A musician from Kasabian, he dated Lee since 2007 and they have triplets, Jakamo, Smokey and Ruby Tiger in September in 2009. They are married. 


Solveig Karadottir Harrison

Born in Iceland in 1983 to Kari and Mrs. Stefansson. As a teenager, 'Sola' worked as a model before becoming a psychologist. On June 2, 2012, Dhani and Sola got married at Friar Park in England and settled in Los Angeles, California. In the summer of 2016, Dhani and Sola separated; Dhani filed for divorce in November of that year.

Sharna Liguz Starkey

Born on September 10 in Australia to photographer Andrzej and Mrs. Liguz. Sharna met Zak in Sydney during 2004 and started a collaboration in music over the phone while their romance blossomed; Sharna moved to London in 2006. They formed Pengu!ns before eventually changing their band name to SSHH. In 2020, Zak and Sharna founded their own record label, Trojan Jamaica. On March 21, 2021, they welcomed daughter Luna Lee Lightnin and got married exactly a year later, on March 21, 2022 at the Sunset Marquois in Hollywood, California.

Charlotte Kimp Muhl (Sean Lennon)

Born August 17, 1987 from Atlanta Georgia to Mr. and Mrs. Muhl, who started to model at age 13. Charlotte met Sean while he was on his Friendly Fire tour in 2006. Together, they created their own music project GOASTT (Ghost of a Saber Toothed Tiger) to which Charlotte can sing, play guitar and bass. Sean and Charlotte also made their own record label, Chimera Music.

Mereki Beach (Dhani Harrison)
Born in Australia to Mr. and Mrs. Beach, however lived in Sweden, England, Iceland, and New York before settling in Los Angeles, California. In 2013, Mereki released her first album, Beach. In February of 2014, her father died and later in August, she broke up with her longtime boyfriend. Mereki was introduced to Dhani by his manager who was scouting a female vocalist for Dhani's record project. They started dating after Dhani filed for divorce from his wife, Sola Harrison.

written by Jeannette