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A Note From Me

Photo Gallery
There will be no photo gallery to accompany the website. If you would like to see photos, I suggest to join my Children of the Beatles Facebook page (link available on the Home Page).

Looking for...
I am on a look out for a few pictures, if you have any and would like to share, please contact me.
-Paul and Zak together at the 2001 Concert for New York City
The Beatles Children Yahoo Group
Although you are more than welcome to join, the Yahoo Group is now "abandoned" and is now more used as storage. Children of the Beatles on Facebook is now the place to go for the latest.
Me & the Beatles Children
It has come to my attention that I have some sort of contact with the children of the Beatles- or even with Olivia with my Mexican Beauty site. Here's the answer: I do not know them; I don't associate with them nor do they help me out. Everything that I get is from what we all get it from- the media. Pictures, facts and information that are put together for their biographies, you name it it was all from the media coverage with books, magazines, newspapers, interviews, etc. So again, please keep in mind that I don't know any of the children here personally. I don't even know if they've ever encounter the site, or even know if they know it exists or not.
Heather Mills
There's something that is really concerning me that I felt the need to speak up about it. I know Heather isn't exactly a favorite person from the "Beatles' Circle" lately however regarding this site, I wish not to smear or talk about her in a negative way. This site is mainly about the children and of course, as the mother of Beatrice, Heather will be mention, shown in photos, be a part of the site and I will not tolerate any cruelty in the guestbook or emails regarding her (or anyone else)- she will receive the equal attention and respect given to the same as the other individuals represented on this site.
I do hope that Paul and Heather will work out their problems and be the best family they can be in sake of their daughter Beatrice and for themselves as well.
This site is neutral and will always be neutral!

We Are Back!
For a few years, this site disappeared under mysterious circumstances. I honestly don't know why and I don't think I ever will, just when I was accepting that the site was lost forever, it came back! Hopefully it will remain online and if ever come a time to delete it, than I would prefer to do it myself. I can understand a lack of updates because life happens and can take over but I would like to make the decision to delete something rather than have someone else to do so for me! Anyway, enjoy! Very sorry for the inconvenience but I had no control over it. I am glad it came back! Moving on... 

All the best,