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Cynthia Powell Lennon
*conceived in July, 1962

*announce pregnancy: August, 1962
*pregnant during the Beatles' recording "Please Please Me"
August 23, 1962
*Cynthia had a threatening miscarriage in November, 1962
*Labor pains started in
Penny Lane, Liverpool, England
*Arrived in the hospital on
April 6, 1963


Maureen Cox Starkey
*married February 11, 1965

*announce pregnant: April, 1965 

*traveled to Austria for the filming sequence for "Help!"
*pregnant during the Beatles' recording "Help!"

*announced pregnancy in April
*attended "The Knack" and "Help!" premieres


Maureen Cox Starkey

*announce pregnancy: April, 1967
*pregnant during the Beatles' recording of "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"
*'Summer of Love' 1967
*stayed behind when the Beatles and family travelled to


Linda Eastman McCartney
*was four months pregnant; married in
March 12, 1969

*announce pregnancy: May, 1969
*pregnant during the Beatles' recording "Let it Be", "Abbey Road", and Paul's solo album "McCartney"


Maureen Cox Starkey
*pregnant during Ringo's recording "Beaucoups of Blues"
*Beatles broke up
*attends Ringo's release party for "Beaucoups of Blues"


Linda Eastman McCartney
*attended Mick & Bianca Jagger's wedding
*was pregnant during the recording of Wings' "Wild Life"


Yoko Ono Lennon
*conceived February of 1975
*attended the Grammy Awards


Linda Eastman McCartney

*announce pregnancy: February, 1977

*during the recording of Wings' "London Town" in Virgin Islands


Olivia Arias Harrison
*was intended to marry in May of 1977, however it was postponed due to George's father's death


Heather Mills McCartney
*conceived during holiday, Spring of 2003
*toured with Paul in
Europe and Russia
*announce pregnancy: May, 2003
*attended the 3rd Annual Adopt-a-Minefield Benefit
*attended Los Angeles and London premieres for "A Concert of George" 


Children having children (announcing pregnancies)

Sarah Starkey:

Mary McCartney Donald: November, 1998

Flora Evans:

Mary McCartney Donald:

Flora Evans:

Stella McCartney: October, 2004

Stella McCartney: July, 2006

Stella McCartney: July, 2007

Mary McCartney: March, 2008

Written by Jeannette