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Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds**
The Beatles; 1967 inspired by Julian Lennon
"This is the truth: my son came home with a drawing and showed me this strange-looking woman flying around. I said, "What is it?" and he said, "It's Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds," and I thought "That's beautiful". I immediately wrote a song about it." -John

"My son Julian came in one day with a picture he painted about a school friend of his named Lucy. He had sketched in some stars in the sky and called it Lucy in the Skye with Diamonds. Simple" -John

"I showed up at John's house and he had a drawing Julian had done at school with the title 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds' above it." -Paul

"I was with John when Julian came in with this little kid's painting, a crazy painting, and John (as the dad) said, "Oh, what's that?" and Julian said, "It's Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" and then John got busy." -Ringo

"I also happened to be there the day Julian came home from school with a pastel drawing of his classmate Lucy's face against a backdrop of exploding, multicolored stars. Unusually impress with his son's handiwork, John asked what the drawing was called. "It's Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds Daddy," Julian replied..." -Pete Shotton

"I don't know why I called it that nor why it stood out from all my other drawings, but I obviously had affection for Lucy at that age. I used to show Dad everything I'd built or painted at school and this one sparked off the idea for a song about Lucy in the sky with diamonds." –Julian


Hey Jude
The Beatles; 1968 dedicated to Julian Lennon
"He said it was written about Julian, my child. He knew I was splitting with Cyn and leaving Julian. He was driving over to say "hi" to Julian. He'd been like an uncle to him. Paul was always good with kids. And so, he came up with "Hey Jude"." -John

"So John and Cynthia were splitting up and I felt particularly sorry for Julian. I had known them for so long...Since then, I'd seen them get married and seen them have Julian...It was optimistic, a hopeful message for Julian: "Come on, man, your parents got divorced, I know you're not happy, but you'll be OK."" -Paul

"I started with the idea 'Hey Jules', which was Julian, 'don't make it bad, take a sad song and make it better. Hey, try and deal with this terrible thing.' I knew it was not going to be easy for him. I always feel sorry for kids in divorce... I had the idea by the time I got there." –Paul

""Hey Jude" was actually about Julian Lennon. It was written by Paul at the time. John was splitting up with Cynthia. Julian was just a little boy- probably five years old- and Paul had gone to John's house and been affected by seeing Julian, the innocent bystander in a divorce situation." -George

"I was truly surprised when, one afternoon, Paul arrived on his own. I was touched by his obvious concern for our welfare... On his journey down he composed 'Hey Jude' in the car. I will never forget Paul's gesture of care and concern in coming to see us." –Cynthia

It's hard to imagine this man was thinking about me and my life so much that he wrote a song about me. It's an honor knowing that someone was worried about your well-being and how you were going to grow up. If I'm in a bar and the song comes on the radio, I still get goose pimples." -Julian

"I had been told when I was a kid but I'd forgotten. It was not until my early teens that I was reminded 'Hey Jude' was about me. I can't say it directly helped with any reconciliation but what it did mean to me was that there were other people on the fringe of our life that had a great deal of love, not only for myself but for mum too. To this I still have to appreciate and thank Paul for his love and care. It was a very, very kind gesture and one it seems that will never be forgotten." -Julian

Good Night
The Beatles; 1968  dedicated to Julian Lennon
""Good Night" was written for Julian the way "Beautiful Boy" was written for Sean, but given to Ringo and possibly over lush" -John

Don't Worry Kyoko
Plastic Ono Band;  dedicated to Kyoko Cox

Mary Had a Little Lamb
Wings; 1972  inspired for Mary McCartney

Beautiful Boy
John Lennon; 1975  dedicated to Sean Lennon
""Good Night was written for Julian the way "Beautiful Boy" was written for Sean..." -John

"The song Beautiful Boy was written for, or about, me. It was just beautiful song writing about all the things that fathers say to their little boys before they go to sleep." -Sean

"There is one particular song that always reminds me of John- Beautiful Boy which he wrote for Sean." –Paul

Unknown Delight
George Harrison; 1982 dedicated to Dhani Harrison

Stella Mayday
Paul McCartney; unreleased c. 1995 dedicated to Stella McCartney
note: On the day of Stella's graduation with her final college project as a fashion designer, Paul announced that he wrote a song for the occasion

Young Boy
Paul McCartney; 1997 dedicated to James McCartney

Dance Tonight
Paul McCartney; 2007 dedicated to Beatrice McCartney
"At home, I started stomping around the kitchen, playing this little instrument (a mandolin), just enjoying myself. I sang, 'Everybody gonna dance tonight,' and my little girl came running in and started dancing, so I fell in love with the song." -Paul

More I Can Not Wish You
written by Frank Loesser; Paul McCartney; 2012 dedicated to Beatrice McCartney
“I find that a very emotional song, because it’s a parent talking to a young girl, and I’m raising an eight-year-old girl at the moment.” -Paul

From the Children:
Well I Don't Know
Julian Lennon; 1984 dedicated to John Lennon

I Love You Dad
Light (James McCartney); 2010 dedicated to Paul McCartney

Wings Of A Lightest Weight
James McCartney; 2011 dedicated to Paul McCartney
*it was the first song James ever wrote

You and Me Individually
James McCartney; 2013 dedicated to Paul and Linda McCartney

James McCartney; 2013 dedicated to Linda McCartney

Lucy O'Donnell

**The Inspiration of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Lucy O'Donnell- born c. 1963, she lived near the Lennons in Surrey, England and attended Heath House, a nursery school with Julian. Lucy didn't realized she was immortalized in the Beatles song until she was 13. Lucy was a Special Needs Children teacher.
"I can remember Julian at school. I can remember him very well. I can see his face clearly, we used to sit alongside each other in proper old-fashioned desks. The house was enormous and they had heavy curtains to divide the classrooms. Julian and I were a couple of little menacies from what I've been told"

"We were two very energetic school kids. He would say, 'Come on Lucy' to get me to do things. He was the bravest boy in school whom I recall jumping into a freezing swimming pool."

Julian and Lucy last saw each other around 1986 during one of his concerts after several years of not seeing each other after Julian's parents' divorce in 1968. In 1996, Lucy married Ross Voddun, Julian sent a congratulatory greeting. In 2009, Lucy announced she has lupus disease; Julian sent her a card as well as garden centre plant vouchers, offering his support. "I've been able to help out a bit. I was so upset to hear what had happened." Lucy responded, "It was lovely of Julian". On September 22, 2009, Lucy passed away. Julian and Cynthia were shocked and sadden by her death.


Lucy Richardson- daughter of art teacher Leslie Richardson who owned an antique shop that John used to go. Youngest of three children, Lucy was a few years older than Julian. According to Ralph Steadman, who was a student of Leslie's, recalled John saying to Julian whenever they saw Lucy, "Hey Julian, it's Lucy in the sky with diamonds". Lucy, who was a movie art director, died on June 1, 2005 from breast cancer. At her funeral, it was said that she was the Lucy of the song that was played at the service. However Lucy O'Donnell has stated that Richardson was not inspired by the song in 2009.

made by Jeannette

Playing with Dad (and Mom)


1971-sing backup vocals on "Monkeberry Moon Delight" on Paul McCartney's "Ram"
1972- sing backup vocals on "Mary had a Little Lamb" by Wings
1972- sing backup vocals on "C Moon" by Wings
1995- sing backup vocals on Yoko Ono's
Hiroshima Sky is Always Blue”



1975- played drums on a song, "Ya Ya" on John Lennon's record, "Rock and Roll"



2005- played drums on "Give Me Back the Beat" on Ringo Starr's "Choose Love"






1996- played percussian on "Can't Fight Lightning" on Ringo Starr's Stop and Smell the Roses



1995- played guitar and backing vocals to Yoko Ono's "Hiroshima Sky is always Blue"



1998- sing backup vocals on "La De Da" on Ringo Starr's "Vertical Man"



1995- played bass guitar and background vocals to Yoko Ono's "Hiroshima Sky is Always Blue"

2011- designed costumes for Paul McCartney's composed 'Ocean Kingdom' ballet 



Band member for Ima, who toured as a backing band for Yoko Ono

Band member for Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band  
1995- played guitar and backing vocals to Yoko Ono's "
Hiroshima Sky is Always Blue"

2009- produced and played on Yoko Ono's "Between My Head and the Sky"



1986- a speaking part in "Talk More Talk" on Paul McCartney's "Press to Play"
1995- played guitar and background vocals for Yoko Ono's "Hiroshima Sky is Always Blue"

1997- played guitar on "Heaven on a Sunday" on Paul McCartney's "Flaming Pie"
1998- played guitar on "The Light Comes From Within" on Linda McCartney's "Wide Prairie"
2001- played various instruments and wrote two songs, "Spinning on the Axis" and "Back in the Sunshine Again" on Paul McCartney's "Driving Rain"

2010-present- Paul produced and sang on "Thinking about Rock and Roll" and produced all of James' albums



2002- finished producing and recording George Harrison's "Brainwashed" a few months after his death in 2001




Written by Jeannette
Thank You to Di for "Unknown Delight"