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Special Feature: Keith Moon by Zak (coming soon)
Special Feature: Ringo Starr and Zak Starkey (coming soon)

"My children mean everything to me and whatever happened between Rich and me, he's been a good father to them" -Maureen

"My children are getting older now. You can't carry on forever treating them like babies. They've got to find their own way in life" -Maureen

"Lee, Jason and Zak, you brightened my life and gave me unconditional love. Our time together has a place in my heart. You are the closest I have come to having children of my own." -Nancy Andrews in her book, A Dose of Rock 'n' Roll dedications

"Finally when I gave them evidence that I was a lesbian, they were very supportive and cool. Considering what some lesbians go through, I had it easy." -Francesca

"My granddad was there at the end too- he and my grandmother were still friends after their divorce" -Tatia (about Maureen's death)

"We do things together and if I have a gig they'll both come" -Tatia (on Zak and Sarah)

"Once again, the whole family came together to give their support [during Lee's illness]. We've always been a close family, but my mother's illness really bought us all together and made us realize that we are all we've got." -Zak

"We've always been very family oriented" -Lee

"We want a family, two or three will do, but if we get eleven, we'll have a football team." -Ringo (while Maureen was pregnant with Zak)

"I've got hundreds and hundreds of photos of my own kids. My daughter gets a bit miffed sometimes. Zak, being the first, has 20,000 photos of him. And Jason, being the second, has 10,000 of him. Then Lee, being the third child, has about five of her! 'There aren't a lot of photos of me, Dad!'" -Ringo

"Great. At one time they were both up: Jason played my kit in New York. 'On the drums, Zak Starkey, and on the other kit, Jason Starkey, my other son.' Someone in the audience yelled, 'You'll be introducing your grandmother next!' But it was great with Zak. I could look over every night and there would be my boy- and he's a brilliant player. It's always great to listen to him. He's so serious about the whole damn thing. That was great." -Ringo

"I never saw any rows; just one day, it was over." -Zak (about his parents' divorce)

"When there's something going on, we're all there." -Lee

Ringo Starr
"My old man's a good drummer but I've never thought of him as a great drummer" -Zak

"As a stepdad he was good for my brother and me because he was the exact opposite of our dad. My dad is a real pushover- anything you want goes. Rich is very different. It's the Italian versus the Brit- and a northern Brit at that. Rich is quite staid. He introduced us to a whole other world, both good and bad." -Francesca

"Granddad's always got his video or camera. I have boxes of photos of our holidays when we stayed with him and Barbara at their home in France. He'd take me swimming and snorkelling every day. He always made time for me." -Tatia

"I've always been proud of my dad. He's come through a lot over the years and he's a better person now than he ever was. He's still very much a northerner in his attitude, always straightforward and down to earth. He believes in getting on with life. We're very much alike in those ways- that and our noses! Dad brought us up to believe that if we wanted something we should go out and work for it" -Zak

"There were a few years when we used to argue, but basically we get along well and playing together made us both realize just how close we are" -Zak

"But I'll be honest, it's great being Ringo's son. He's the greatest living drummer as far as I'm concerned" -Zak

"Ringo is a great father and story teller. They were wonderful kids and adored their father, who doted on them in return. Ringo was very much a hands-on father. At home we played cards, worked on puzzels and cooked everyone's favorite meals. We also spent time at the movies, in museums and took day trips in the country. It was all very family oriented." -Nancy Andrews

"Richard's wonderful with kids; they love him. For them, it's like a wonderland here, with drums and guitars in the music room." -Barbara

"I love Rich because he's a good bloke. He's good to Mum and they are a good team." -Francesca

"Today I'd say that I couldn't exist without a family life. It's great being a father and I love seeing Zak grow up. Marriage and fatherhood have greatly enriched my life. Before, a lot of my life and a lot of people I met were fake. Here, there is nothing fake" -Ringo

"I used to be terrified of babies and dogs. Babies cried and dogs bit me. But what knocks me out about this baby is him shouting his head off in his own senseless way- laughing at bits of wood. That's what I like about babies" -Ringo

"I'm perfectly happy to give them Ringo Starr nearly all the time, but sometimes Richard Starkey just wants to be left alone to play with his kids, to feed the ducks or sail boats on the pond. I don't think that's too much to ask" -Ringo

"It was comprised of 8ths on the hihat, kick on 1 and 3, and snare drum on 2 and 4. That was it. We were hanging out in the studio one day and he said, 'So, should I show you how to play drums?' I said, 'Yeah of course'. So he showed me that pattern. The next day he showed me how to add an additional 8th note on bass drum: dunk-kat, dunk-dunk kat. I said, 'Well, I can do that already, Dad.' And he said, 'So you're on your own.'" -Zak

"He's into being Ringo: he can't walk down the street without being recognized. Thirty-five years of that could be a bit much, but he still enjoys it, still tours and makes albums." -Zak

"Ringo's more like a mate than a dad to me. There has been a load of rubbish written about us saying we don't get on. When he's home we see each other a couple of times a week. I live about 200 yards away from him, but he lets me go on with my life. He always has done and I'm grateful for that." -Zak

"I think he's a great drummer." -Zak

"People say he was the luckiest of the Beatles, but if you took the drummer out of any of the big rock bands, they wouldn't sound the same. My dad expresses music in a unique way; you always know it's him. The hardest thing is to play the song and not just show off." -Zak

"The greatest musical lesson I ever learned from my dad was to play with as many people as I could." -Zak

"We were just having a lot of fun, bouncing off each other. Nothing was written in stone, and we were having a good time" -Zak

"Technically, neither of us know what we're doing. It's true. We've never had lessons and we don't know what rudiments are; it's a feel thing." -Zak

"There were a few years when we used to argue, but basically we get on well and playing together made us both realise just how close we are." -Zak

"I thought, 'Who's Ringo?'" Mum explained it all when I got home, but I didn't grasp the magnitude of his fame until I started going to concerts and watching him on TV." -Tatia

"Now when people ask me, 'Is your dad really Ringo Starr?' I reply with 'Fucking right he is!" -Zak

"My dad was laid-back, but his things kind of popped out. He was very awake in the way that he played. You listen to the Beatles records and he's on top of it much of the time. He's really grooving, but it's also alive. I never really asked him about specific Beatles parts, though." -Zak

"I was in his studio one day, and he asked if I wanted him to show me something on the drums. He taught me how to play a basic rhythm. 'If you want to learn more, put on some headphones and listen to records', he advised." -Zak

"I think maybe people think they are safe with me. I am married, I am a family man. There is nothing bad from the public's view to publish about me." -Ringo

"I try to keep two lives going. One is only to do with me and mine, and the other is to do with thous and thine. I agree to give them the Beatle Ringo, but the Ritchie I prefer to keep for my family." -Ringo

Maureen Starkey-Tigrett
"We were all extremely close to her. We would spend Christmas and every summer holiday with her and her husband in L.A." -Tatia

"Maureen is a fantastic artist in her own right as well, apart from bringing up all that tribe of Ringo's" -John

"...she [Cynthia Lennon] was actually staying with Maureen Starkey- Ringo's ex wife- in London, who was a dear best friend..." -Julian (while recalling how he heard his father's death)

"She was a very intelligent woman and a wise and loving mother for her kids." -Yoko

"She was living in Los Angeles and when we found out the entire family went to stay with her for a month. When the tour was over I joined the rest of the family in Seattle, where my mother was hospitalised. The only way she was going to get better was with a bone-marrow transplant and I became the donor. The transplant was a success. She was definitely on the mend, but one of the aspects of the treatment was that she had to have chemotherapy and radiotherapy to kill off her own bone marrow so that her body would successfully take on mine. Everything in her body had to change. One side effect of the treatment was that her immune system was down because her bone marrow had been killed, so- although she was cured of leukaemia- she had no resistance to a lung infection which spread to her brain. She died two months after the transplant. It was a very painful time- she used to be so full of life. She was up and joking even though the infection was killing her. She was always a fighter. It was the saddest experience of my life. You've only got one mum, and once she's gone, life can never be the same." -Zak

"I don't think anyone could believe it because I used to do it every day. I would come in from school and that's what I'd do. I used to drive my mum insane." -Zak

Barbara Bach
"No work has been offered to me that is worth two or three months separation from my family." -Barbara

"Even though it's a much smaller scale than suddenly having a Beatle in your life, as a young child I remember that she was a superstar" -Francesca

"Because she's an artist in her own right, she's very respectful and appreciative of my process. Now she's the stage mother I never had. She's so proud. As a kid, and even as an old kid, that's all you want- for your parents to think you're the bee's knees." -Francesca

"I remember as a child thinking that I would never go into this industry because I missed my mother so much. She would go off to do her films, and I said I would never do that." -Francesca

"Obviously, my mother is not dead, thank God, and I now have a fabulous relationship with her, but I did have a lot of abandonment going on. She was an actress, she was gone for a lot of my childhood, and then later in life, she had other issues which also made her unavailable to me" -Francesca

Isaac Tigrett

Augusto Gregorini
"My marriage was by no means a mistake. I have two wonderful kids and I learned a whole new culture. It just wasn't a lifetime commitment." -Barbara

Zak Starkey

"I'm so proud of my dad because it's taken him a long time to shake off the association with Ringo Starr. He struggled with that, but he has proven himself to be one o fthe greatest drummers around." -Tatia

"Keith used to be a kind of musical godfather to him. He gave him his first drum kit, which I think is rather strange. Ringo may have actually given him his first drum kit, but I think Keith gave him the first drum kit that he really wanted. It had nude women on it." -Pete Townshend

"We're really pleased to have him in the band. He's just stunning. He's very easy to play with. Mind you, I'm very spoiled with drummers. I don't fuck around anymore. I only play with people who are really easy to play with: Simon Phillips is a different kind of drummer, but he's very easy to play with, he's very much a listening drummer. But what Zak has is a lot of karmic Keith Moon about him, which is wonderful. It's easy to make too much of that, he really is his own drummer. He has his own style. But he's very intelligent. What he did was adapt his own style as an imitator of Keith Moon, he does a garage band imitation of Keith Moon which is probably unbeatable, but he's modified that, moderated it, in a very intelligent and musical way so that he won't be directly compared. He won't evoke uncomfortable memories for the audience." -Pete Townshend

''With Keith, we never knew if he'd remember the songs or not. He used to sing all the way through them so he knew where he was. He never used the high-hat. He thought it was a pain, keeping time with the high-hat. We weren't exactly a normal rhythm section. Zak is more together." -John Entwistle

"At first, a lot of people didn't take me very seriously. But I did a lot of session work in the last couple of years and sooner or later, you gain some respect in the music business and people start to forget about it." -Zak

"I was five years old when the Beatles split up and I didn't really know anything that was going on. I was too young. I never really got any hassle at school or anything. It was easy" -Zak

"I don't care if I have a boy or a girl. Being a mother and being happily married is just about as much as any girl can wish for" -Maureen (while pregnant with Zak)

"It's his dream, and it came true and as a father, it's just fabulous to see your kid's dreams come true" -Ringo (Zak drumming with the Who)

“I don’t care what he does, as long as he’s happy. I haven’t have anything in mind yet. It’s too early. I’d just like him to make a success of whatever he settles down to. He may turn out to be a lazy bum, anyway, I think I would mind that. In fact, if that happened, I’d probably kick him out and tell him to get a job.” –Ringo (while Zak was still a baby)

“It’s wonderful. Every little thing he does gives Maureen and me a kick. When he smiles and laughs especially…it’s lovely having a son, you get that feeling like when are first married.” –Ringo

"We hope that our first will be a boy. Naturally I'd like the baby to be like Richie. But he needn't necessarily follow in his father's footsteps" -Maureen (while pregnant with Zak)

"I'm so proud of him. I just think 'I'm watching Zak'" -Stella (during Concert for New York City in The Love You Make documentary)

"Zak is Ringo's son. The drummer of The Who, who is a good drummer because I know him. Yeah, I've seen him." -Paul (during Concert for New York City in The Love You Make documentary)

"I haven't thought about it very much yet. I don't particularly like the idea of him going to a public school, but the difficulty is that all the other boys he will play with around here will go to one, and he'll feel different if he doesn't stay with his friends. But then you never know what may happen by the time he's due to start." -Ringo

"When we got the kids, I was frightened at first, you know, when Maureen had the baby and I went in to see her. You know, just after she'd had it-- it was all purple and crinkly. And the doctor says, 'Here you are. Here he is.' And they laid it on my arms saying, 'Ok, can you take it?' And I couldn't move because I just thought it would break...And really, they're incredible, you know. And you can't get into children until you've had some. You really can't, you know. You can be very friendly with them, but when you've got them you really-- such scenes you go through, it's incredible. I love it when they won't let me play with 'em 'cause I have a tantrum! It's sensational when we all play together, 'cuz I'm a kid." -Ringo

"We had to cool it a bit one time. Zak was sort of, when there was crowds around, he used to think that everyone had come to see 'him.' And he'd pose for the photos. So I had to tell him it was daddy that was famous and not him!" -Ringo

"Keith Moon was my first big influence, definitely. I wanted to play the drums because of Keith. When I was very young there was music all around me in my parents’ house. You would go into the living room and find stacks and stacks of LPs. I would spend my days listening to records. My dad took me to see T. Rex when I was six. That was it for me; I wanted to be Marc Bolan. Then I got into David Bowie. I loved all of those ‘70s glam bands from England, like Slade and Sweet. Then when I was eight, I discovered the Who’s Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy. That turned everything on its head. It was so different and it sounded so alive. It was bouncy." -Zak

"I find the music to be really honest. It’s the same with a lot of rock ‘n’ roll, like Jerry Lee Lewis. That honestly, to me, is so inspiring. I listen to it and walk away buzzing. It’s alive." -Zak

"I never got any shit at school or anything about it. Also, I never thought of him as a Beatle. When I first started trying to carve out a career, things got a bit difficult occasionally because of it. But that's mainly a media thing." -Zak

"I went through that, definitely, when I was sixteen years old. I went through that heavily, but you've got to realize it's not going to go away. In a lot of ways, my dad's drumming was a huge influence on me. The same time I was listening to all these Who records, I was listening to Abbey Road and stuff like that." -Zak

"At 12, I was already playing in a band. I was into that whole rock and roll thing, and drink was part of it. I never took drugs." -Zak

"It’s a drag wondering how he’ll grow up. Of course he’ll be used to having nannies and that, and people doing things for him which we’re not used to, but I would love him to be just normal. Suppose he grows up to be a fat schoolboy!” -Ringo

“So we need to get settled by early next year so he can start school, which is a drag ‘cause I don’t want him to go. You know, because I think the way ‘I’m’ bringing them up is right. And you can get all that rubbish from teachers, you know, where they– it’s like the Army where they make everyone the same, and just shove all those useless facts into his head. And that’s the bit I don’t like.” -Ringo

"I’m just bringing them up, you know. I mean, I don’t have a system. I just try and tell him what’s right, and try and keep him alive. I mean, that’s what I find with the first… well, still with Zak, but especially when they’re two to three, and that. Just keeping them alive is hard enough because of the things they get into, 'cause they’re experiencing everything. Like, climbing up the walls, you know, trying not to sort of do anything. But you’ve got to be near enough so you can leap over there if he falls off, you know. Just things like that. All you can do is love them, you know, and answer their questions, which sometimes drive you nuts. All that, 'Why?’ 'Well…’ you answer. 'Why?’ And there’s always a 'Why’ to whatever you say. And the great scene about electricity– I went on for hours, and all he said was 'Why,’ and you know, when you don’t know about it– 'cause he was trying to put his fingers in the plug, and I was saying, 'Now, don’t do that, 'cause that’s electricity and you’ll end up as a puff of blue smoke.’" -Ringo

"That was definitely the low point in my life. I realised then that I couldn't waste a second. If I wasn't on the road, I'd be working with friends. It's only recently that I've been able to chill out." -Zak

"I never turned down anything. As a working musician, you can’t." -Zak

"I’m just rolling along. But meeting Ian Matthews has made me realize that you never stop learning. You can always improve. You’re never as good as you think you are. And you absolutely can’t rest on your laurels." -Zak

"It seems like everyone's kid is in a band, so I figured why not have him in my band. Plus, he's a hell of a fine drummer. Must run in the family." -Ringo

"Zak still loves me, so he tells me, 'I'm not playing with you dad, but I still love you.' But it was such a joy for me to see him play with the Who. They have always been one of his favourite bands. To see one of your children fulfill his dreams is beautiful. Both of my sons do the thing that I find impossible, which is practice." -Ringo

"I just played it for my son Zak. And Zak was so great. He said, 'Dad, it's great. This rocks! You should have been doing this forever.' It's nice coming from your boy, especially since he's a really good drummer." -Ringo (about his album 'Y Not')

"He gets excited if we're on the television, and that. At first he couldn't understand, like, we were on the telly and I was sitting next to him watching it, you know. And it threw him for a while-- you could see him trying to figure out, you know, 'cuz he didn't really understand what television is. But it just threw him, like there was two daddies in one room-- and one comin' out of a little box. But now he knows I'm in something, you know; he likes the records. But I don't think he really knows what the Beatles are-- just that they play instruments and make records he can put on, and occasionally on telly." -Ringo

"Yes, well, that was the drag for sending him to school as well, is that I just don't want him to make all these pals 'cuz someone-- it won't really happen while he's five, and that. But when he gets older, you know, and you get all these pals because of what 'I' am, you know; I dont want that. He may get it when he's five with all these crazy mothers pushin' their daughter on him. But you just have to watch it, you know. He'll have to learn like I had to learn. I was put-on for years 'til I sussed it out. You know, every time you'd go to a club I'd think, 'Wow, it's great having all these friends,' and then you realize that half of them are sitting with you so that, if anyone'd come in, they're all: 'Hello, guess who I'm with!!' You know, it was all that scene. But it took you a while to learn that. You know, then you don't stand there anymore." -Ringo

"I am not a rock ’n’ roll star. I’m not famous, I suppose. But I am a very successful musician.”-Zak

"I was brought up on music. Dad taught me the basics of drumming when I was 12, then left me there. He said if I wanted to learn properly then I would have to do it myself- so I did." -Zak

"I don't have pots of money either. I'm no millionaire, I get by, but that's all. I want to make this group really work. I want to be able to make my own way in life and not rely on anyone else. I want this group to succeed and I'm sure it will." -Zak

"I was 10 at the time and he showed me how to drum. It would have been unusual if he hadn't - I mean, I can't see Ringo trying to teach me the guitar, can you? Anyway, I was hooked right away. All I wanted to be was to be a drummer too." -Zak

"I'd only played piano a bit until the day my dad took me out to play drums. After the first and only lesson, he told me that, if I wanted to keep at it, I'd have to do it myself, and I did. It's the last thing he expected, but that's how I learned. After two years of my playing on his kit, he gave me a tiny Ludwig set, with a 20" bass drum, 12" and 14" toms, and a little piccolo snare." -Zak

"I've kept my own style, without really changing over the years. To get extra power, I make sure my pedals are quite stiff, but basically, I like to keep things simple." -Zak

"When I was learning to play the drums, my dad gave me one lesson in how to keep straight time. He said, 'If you want to carry on learning how to play, put some headphones on and play along to records.' Now I'm sure he thought I'd just do it for a little while and eventually give it up. So when I was about ten or eleven years old, I was sitting at my kit with headphones on and actually playing along to Quadrophenia and other albums, like Who's Next. Of course, when we started this, I already knew the album back to front. Dad was always into me playing drums, although my parents neither actively encouraged or discouraged me. They let me just go my own way, and by the time I was twelve I was playing in a band, doing pub gigs." -Zak

"Like sport, drumming has become a science, but I never really got into all that technical stuff. You don't need to play every lick you've ever learned in one song. It's all about complementing the song in the best way possible and listening to everything else that's going on. Unfortunately, there's a hell of a lot of drummers out there who are just playing for their own pleasure, and most of the time what they're doing doesn't make sense in terms of the wider view of the music. But it's not a retro thing, it's just how it should be." -Zak

"My parents were divorced at the time. My dad gave me a small four-piece Ludwig kit when I was eleven, and it used to be in the dining room. But my mum let me do it; she put up with it. I was never actively pushed to do anything like that, but I was never discouraged. I was left to do what I wanted, really. I'm sure they thought it would wear off after a while and I'd lose interest, but they were wrong!" -Zak

”It feels like full circle, the fact that Zak Starkey is playing with them, because Keith taught Zak to play. Zak used to call him ‘Uncle Keith’. And Zak is lovely.” –Mandy Moon DeWolf (Keith’s daughter)

"Actually I saw him for the first time in maybe 10 years the other day. He's a sweetheart, actually." -Julian, 1993

Jason Starkey

"Being Ringo's son is the biggest drag in my life. It's a total pain" –Jason

“We would mind another boy, but it doesn’t really matter so much this time. We’d made up our minds that we wanted a boy before”
–Ringo (after announcing Maureen’s second pregnancy)

"There was always a kit at home. I suppose I remember from about the age of four or five that I became aware of a room in the house that was a studio, and there were instruments in there. At about seven, my brother and I would sneak into the studio when everyone was out of the house. We'd fiddle around with ARP synthesizers and stuff like that. We didn't know how to turn it on, but we were pretending we were driving a spaceship or something." -Zak

Francesca Gregorini

"I'm ready to be a homebody. For years I didn't know what I wanted. It's taken me until now to work that out. Now I'm ready for a career but also to be a parent. I feel confident in my own skin and I'm ready to be me." -Francesca

"I thought being happy would affect my songwriting. I always thought I had to write from a point of angst, but I am truly happy and my writing hasn't been affected." -Francesca

"I struggled with infertility for eight years and I think that that was a loss for me as I was unable to have a child." -Francesca

"I had boyfriends but I never understood the whole hoopla about sex. I could take it or leave it. Then, when I discovered girls, it was like 'Aha, now I get it!' I was 19 years old. I knew I was a lesbian. I told my mum I thought I might be a lesbian and she talked to Rich and he said: 'She's definitely not a lesbian.' Rich had met lesbians when he was touring with The Beatles. I remember Mum came back to me and said: 'Oh, don't worry, Rich says you are not a lesbian. Everything is fine.' Finally, when I gave them evidence that I really was a lesbian, they were very supportive and cool. Considering what some lesbians go through, I had it easy." -Francesca

Lee Starkey

"I want to make my mark. I don't want to make a point of saying who my dad is. I really don't know much about the Beatles. They had almost split up when I was born" -Lee

"My daughter, Lee, says "It's great hanging out with you, Daddy. You're not drunk or watching telly." It makes my heart glad" -Ringo

"She's just great, really sweet" -Maureen

"But I’m a drawer and designer of sixties fashion. Is in those years where I find my inspiration. I’ve tried to bring the vibrations, the colours and the freedom of that style to the nineteen’s”. -Lee

"I remember when my daughter, Lee, turned me onto Lenny [Kravitz] for the first time. I took a listen, then went back to her and said, 'It's lovely, dear, but isn't it a little bit Beatle-ish?" And she said, "Of course it is, Daddy.'" -Ringo 

"My daughter asked me once, 'Daddy, you used to play in Paul McCartney's backup band, didn't you?'" -Ringo 

"She had been experiencing numbness in her right arm and leg, so she saw a doctor who gave her a brain scan and rushed her into hospital. She had fluid drained from a cyst on the left side of her brain. Then a biopsy revealed it was caused by a tumour. She was flown to America for an operation. Now she's fully recovered." -Zak

"We're blessed. It doesn't matter, all your fame and fortune, it doesn't help. If your daughter's got something like that, it doesn't help, you know. There's no protection. Things happen. Her mother died of leukemia. You expect your own parents to go - they're older. But my ex-wife was 50, Linda's gone at 56. Family things happen, you know, it doesn't matter if you're the king, you're a Beatle or you're a binman. You gotta deal with stuff." -Ringo

"It wasn't like a really big thing. I went to school with lots of people whose parents were in bands. I knew one of the Hollies' daughters" -Lee

"She tried acting school and decided she didn't like that. She got her diploma from make-up school and wasn't really enthusiastic about that." -Ringo

"But I wasn't too good at it" -Lee (about playing drums)

Gianni Gregorini

"I was only 25 and I didn't even know what cerebral palsy meant. There were no problems during my pregnancy and I went in for a regular birth. Then they said, 'The child's heartbeat is disturbed, we're going to do a Caesarean section'. Only afterward did I learn that Gianni had the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck and would have died. But there was already brain damage due to lack of oxygen.
I was living in Rome, and had no idea there were so few places to go for help. Luckily, we had the means to search out the best doctors- and we did. We started a system of treatment devised by a Czech doctor, Vaclav Vojta. He had physiotherapy 3 times a day for 30 minutes each time. It had to be done by his mother and father so the child understood that it was done with love. We started the therapy when he was 16 days old, and at the end of 2 years, he began to walk.
Having a child like Gianni can be very stressful. My whole focus went to him. Then you have to watch out. What about the husband and the other children? Francesca had a real hard time. She was still very little and it upset her very much. She didn't understand why I was always taking care of Gianni.
The children and I moved to Los Angeles after Augusto and I separated. But, even there, it was difficult. Gianni had a really terrible gait. He was up on his toes and terribly crooked, but he could move himself around- and that meant he could go to a mainstream school. But the other mothers objected to him being there. It was just mind-boggling how people were so prejudiced.
It was very hard to watch him struggle. But now, when I talk to my son, I can see a young man who has come full circle." -Barbara

Sarah Menikides Starkey

"She is a big people person...She is very straight and level headed" -Tatia


“Having a family of my own is very important to me. Everything I do is aimed at making sure my wife and daughter, Tatia, are all right and giving them a better life. Being a family man keeps me grounded.” -Zak

Flora Evans Starkey

"My mum was a florist so I’ve always been around flowers, but I did work in fashion for a long time. I had my own label and was designing clothes for years, but when I had baby number three, I decided that I wanted to stop traveling and do something that was more focused around home that could work with my family, and flowers just seemed like an obvious choice." -Flora

Jay Mehler


Sharna Liguz

"We are in a relationship, but mainly we argue about stuff to do with the band" -Zak

"It’s a byproduct. We’re together, but we create as well. It’s an extension of who we are. We could be in a relationship or we couldn’t, but it would still be a creative process." -Zak



"I could have been a better father, but there was a lot going on in my life besides music, like substance abuse, though I've been clean for a number of years. I'm a great grandfather now. When I became a grandfather, it was an out-of-body experience. Jumping in the pool with them and listening to the same joke over and over again. I have a great time with my daughter Lee's children. They're the young ones, triplets at 6 now. When they were 2 1/2, I said, "Who wants pie? Who wants cake?" Now every afternoon, if I'm at their house or they're at ours, we have pie-cake." -Ringo

Tatia Starkey (by Zak)

"I've wanted to be everything from an ice skater to a drummer to a showjumper and a dancer. You get an incredible buzz from being on stage. It's addictive" -Tatia


"The baby's due in September. No, it doesn't make me feel old. I was so excited by the news. It's exactly what I've always wanted" -Maureen (before Tatia's birth)


"The look of joy on his face is one I'll never forget" -Zak (on Ringo's first meeting with Tatia)


“Tatia plays the flute and the piano. I’ve taken the same approach as my parents took with me. I didn’t push her into it, but I didn’t stop her either. It’s what she wanted to do.” -Zak

"I used to tell them to keep it down. But I'm so grateful that I grew up listening to music morning, noon and night. It's in my bones." -Tatia

"I enjoyed drumming for a while but I didn't apply myself. I've played every instrument you can think of. I played the guitar and flute for three years but I didn't love anything so much I stuck with it. Dad begged me to stick with the piano. He pushed me to practice but I'd complain it hurt my fingers! There's nothing I'd like more than to be a performing musician but I think I've missed the boat" -

"My daughter Tatia makes my life feel complete because she is an amazing little person. I try to be a good father, but I guess I'll make some wrong decisions. I'm sure all parents do...I take a real interest in how Tatia is getting on at her school. I go along to all the parents' days and to see the Christmas plays, just like my parents did with me." -Zak

"Being a grandmother is very exciting" -Maureen

Louie, Sonny, Rock and Buddy Starkey (by Jason)


Jakamo, Smokey and Ruby Mehler (by Lee)


Arranged by Jeannette