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James Paul McCartney
Heather met Paul McCartney in 1968 when Paul was in New York. He spent time with Linda and Heather while in the city. Paul baby sat Heather one night when Linda went out for work. Later that year, Linda and Heather moved in England to live with Paul and in 1969, Paul and Linda married and Paul adopted Heather, giving her his surname. Today, Heather and Paul are still close- it was last known that Heather currently lives on Paul's estate.
John Winston Lennon
Kyoko met John Lennon in 1969 after he and Yoko got married and Yoko had won custody of her daughter. John and Kyoko got along until 1972 when her father, Tony Cox, kidnapped her; John and Yoko searched for her and in 1973, John and Yoko moved to New York. After John died, Kyoko had sent a condolence telegram to Yoko and until 1997, Yoko and Kyoko reunited

Roberto Bassanini

Born in 1943. Julian met Roberto Bassanini in 1968 when Cynthia, Julian, her mother Lilian Powell, and some relatives went to Italy for a holiday. Cynthia and her family stayed in one of the Bassanini hotels, where she had befriended the owners when she was there in 1966. After Cynthia and John divorced, Roberto moved to England and moved in with Cynthia; they married in 1970. In 1973, Cynthia and Roberto divorced- Roberto has remained in touch with Julian, taking him to Italy and learning the language. They remained close until Roberto's death (his death year is unknown, possibly the early 1990s) and in 1998, Julian dedicated his album, "Photographic Smile" to Roberto.

John Twist

Cynthia married John in 1976 after living together since 1974. John and Julian had a cordial yet strained relationship. In 1980, John informed Julian that his father was dead. John and Cynthia divorced in 1983 and Julian had admitted that he didn't always get along with John.
Richard Starkey
Francesca and Gianni met Ringo in 1980 when Ringo and Barbara became a couple after making "Caveman"; that year, while Ringo and Barbara were away on holiday, Francesca contacted them to inform that John Lennon had died. In 1981, Ringo married Barbara and Francesca has stated that she and Gianni gets along very well with Ringo.

Isaac Burton Tigrett
Born in 1947. Maureen took her children to A Hard Rock Cafe often after it's opening in 1971 and met Isaac. Isaac have gotten Zak, Jason, and Lee jobs at his restuarant. Maureen and Isaac married in 1989 a few years after the birth of their daughter, Augusta, with Zak, Jason, and Lee in attendance. After Maureen's death in 1994, Lee suffered a brain tumor and stayed at Isaac's home during her recovery. It has been reported that Isaac continues to remain in touch with Zak, Jason, and Lee and they get along very well.

Noel Charles

Julian was good friends with Noel, a nightclub owner from Trinidad, since the early 1980s. Julian introduced Noel to Cynthia in Barbados in 1999 and they fell in love. Noel and Cynthia married in 2002 and lived in Spain. Sadly, on March 10, 2013, Noel passed away in his sleep after a two year battle of cancer

Yoko Ono
Julian met Yoko Ono in 1968 when John and Yoko publicly declared that they were a couple and in love. Julian and Yoko have had a strain relationship throughout the entire time to this day.
Barbara Ann Goldbach Starkey August 27, 1947 New York City, New York
Zak, Jason, and Lee met Barbara in 1980 when Ringo and Barbara became a couple after making "Caveman". Since then, Barbara has been close with Zak, Jason and Lee. Barbara has been seen at Stella McCartney's fashion shows with Lee and has been seen at Zak's concerts.
Heather Anne Mills
Heather met Heather, Mary, Stella, and James in 1999. Almost immediately after Paul publicly declared that he and Heather were an item and that he loved her, tabloid reports have claimed that Paul's children (mostly on Stella) does not approve his gilfriend, who later became his wife in 2002 with his children in attendance; reports that Heather and his children don't get along continued until Stella's wedding to Alasdhair Willis in 2003. Heather has stated that she gets along very well with his children and that she and Heather are very close and that Heather refers to Heather (Mills) as an angel. Heather has been seen at Stella's fashion shows and has complimented Stella's designs. However in 2006, Paul and Heather separated which resulted in divorce in 2008
Nancy Ellen Shevell November 20, 1959 Edison, New Jersey
Born to Myron and Arlene Shevell with a brother Jon and sister Susan in Edison, New Jersey. Her father is a head of a trucking firm, New England Motor Freight; she was married to Bruce Blakeman in 1984, having a son, Arlen Walters, in 1992. Nancy is a breast cancer survivor. Bruce and Nancy knew Paul, Linda, and the children when they visited the Hamptons where Linda had family. Paul and Nancy started to date in late 2007 while they were divorcing their spouses, which became final in 2008. In 2011, Paul and Nancy got married with Stella designing the wedding attire and Beatrice was the flower girl
May Pang
Born on October 24, 1950 in New York; worked as an assistant for John and Yoko since 1970 after working with Allen Klein. In 1973, John and Yoko separated with Yoko arranging May to be John's companion. May helped John reconnect with Julian who he hadn't seen in three years since moving to New York. The relationship ended in 1975 when John reunited with Yoko. May was married to Tony Visconti in 1989 until 2000 with two children, Sebastian and Lara. She keeps in touch with Julian.
Nancy Lee Andrews
Born on May 14, 1947 in Jersey City, New Jersey; a former model who dated on and off Ringo from 1974 till 1980. She had gotten on well with Zak, Jason, and Lee. She is now a photographer living in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband.
Jim Christie
Born to actor parents; taught Julian to ride the motorcycle. He started dating Cynthia after their respective divorces in 1982 and became her manager. They broke up in 1999.
Sam Havadtoy
Born c. 1954 to a Hungarian watchmaker in London, raised in Hungary before moving to New York as an antique dealer and designer. He met John and Yoko in 1978- involved with Yoko a few years after John's death in 1980. They broke up in 2000; he now lives in Budapest, Hungary.
Jamie Walker
Born c. 1972 to David Walker, a printer, in London, England. He moved to Tenerife to work at a hotel as well as working as a disc jockey. In 2008, Jamie met Heather Mills and her daughter, Beatrice, while on a holiday and they started to date. They broke up in 2013. 

Heather with Christopher and Matthew

Something extra: Heather has been a step mother previously for her first marriage to Alfie Karmal- Christopher and Matthew from his first marriage. Heather and Alfie were married in 1989 but divorced in 1991.

Written by Jeannette