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*Ringo and Maureen Starr lived in 'Sunny Heights', Surrey, England, down the road from John and Cynthia Lennon's home in 'Kenwood' in the Weybridge estates. Cynthia Lennon remembers the Lennon-Starkey get togethers from her book, "John" (published in 2005): ...the boys had always been playmates...After their son Zak was born in September, seven months after the wedding, she (Maureen) and I used to go up to Knightsbridge to shop...We'd buy cute little outfits for our sons and we were always on the lookout for something different of special for the men...He (Ringo) and John would race the go-carts or play pool while Maureen and I chatted over a cup of tea or took Zak and Julian for a walk. Ringo's other passion was making his own short films. He had lots of equipment and loved to experiment, so after the nanny had taken over Zak and Julian we'd watched his latest movie.

*George, Pattie, Paul, Jane, John, Cynthia, Julian, Ringo, Maureen, Zak, and Jason would frequently visit each other's home in London or Surrey.
*Julian accompanies The Beatles, Cynthia, Pattie, and Jane to Greece (Zak and Maureen stayed behind at home as she was pregnant with Jason; Ringo left a few days before to be with them)

*Julian visits the set of "Magical Mystery Tour"



*After John and Cynthia separated, Paul visited Cynthia and Julian and wrote "Hey Jude" for Julian.



*Heather visited the recording studio and appeared in "Let it Be" along with Yoko, Linda, Maureen, and Pattie



*The McCartney family visited John and May Pang in California with Ringo

*The McCartneys visited John, May Pang, and Julian (who was visiting) in New York

*John, May, Julian, and Cynthia in California, with Ringo, recording “Walls & Bridges”

*John, May, Cynthia, and Mal Evans went around Disneyland in California

*Julian attended George’s concert at Madison Square Garden and visit backstage while John and May visit Lee Eastman about the legal issues surrounding the Beatles’ breakup.



*Maureen, Zak, Jason, and Lee visit George’s Friar Park home


*Cynthia remembers the events after hearing about John's death as she was staying with Maureen in
London, from her book "John" "She insisted on coming too, with Zak. "I'll bring Julian back to stay with us if he needs to get away from the press," she promised....We reached Ruthin by mid-morning, and as we rounded the corner into what was normally a sleepy little town, my heart sank....Amazingly we managed to park a few streets away and slip in through the back door, without being spotted by the crowd at the front....Mo had busied herself making tea, while Zak sat quietly nearby, not knowing what to say or do. While we drank the tea, we talking about what to do. Maureen offered to take Julian back to London, but he said, "I want to go to New York, Mum. I wanted to be where Dad was." Although the idea alarmed me, I understood. Maureen and Zak hugged us and left, then Julian and I went up to the bedroom to ring Yoko..."


*Julian, Jason, Lee, Maureen, and Isaac were seen hanging out together at Isaac's Hard Rock Café



*Paul sent Julian a telegram after Julian's "Valotte" was released "Good Luck old fruit". Paul and Julian were reunited at "Friday Night Videos" after 10 years of not seeing each other.



*Julian, Lee, Jason, and Maureen attended Cynthia's opening of Lennon's restuarant.



*George, Ringo, Yoko, Julian, and Sean accepted the Beatles' introduction honor into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame



*George, Ringo, and Zak performed for the Natural Law Party with Dhani (who was a guest performer), Jason, Lee, Mary, Maureen, Olivia, and Julian in attendance.



*Jason, Lee, and Mary attended to Linda's photo exhibition in London


*Mary, Stella, and James attended A Hard Rock Cafe with Lee, Jason and Maureen

*Julian and Zak saw each other for the first time in about 10 years



*Paul sent Julian an advance copy of "Flaming Pie"



*Zak, Sarah, Dhani, George, Olivia, Ringo, Barbara attended Linda's memorial service in London, England with Paul, Heather, Stella, Mary, and James


*Paul, Linda, Ringo, Barbara, Heather, Mary, Stella, James, Lee, and Sean attended Stella's fashion shows



*Paul and Zak (with the Who) performed for The Concert for New York City


*Ringo, Paul, and Dhani performed onstage for Concert for George with Zak and Sarah in attendance

*Julian was spotted in the audience at Paul's London concert- he was seen coming to his seat from backstage before the concert
*Dhani, Olivia, Ringo, Barbara, Paul, Heather Mills, and Yoko attended the Los Angeles, California premiere of Concert for George. A month later, Dhani, Olivia, Paul, Heather Mills, Ringo, Barbara, Mary, and Alistair attended the
London, England premiere of Concert for George.


*Olivia and Dhani attended the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame on behalf of George's introduction. Sean and Yoko were in attendance.

*Paul and Zak (with Oasis) performed for the Glastonbury Film Festival (Paul didn't perform until the following day)
*Dhani, Beth, Jason, Flora, Alasdhair, Mary, and Alistair attended the first anniversary opening party for Stella's
London shop

*Olivia, Stella, George and Judy Martin attended Mary's "OFF POINTE" photo exhibition


*Olivia, Dhani, Ringo, and Barbara attended the release party of Concert for George book

*Zak was seen attending Paul's New York City, New York concert
*Lee and Stella attended Alasdhair's Established & Sons Design Party

*Olivia, Dhani, Ringo and Barbara attended the premiere of "Concert for Bangladesh Revisited with George Harrison and Friends"

*George and Judy Martin, Julian attended Cynthia's "John" book launch in London, England


*Olivia, Barbara, Stella and Mary had lunch at the Aggassi restaurant in Notting Hill

*Olivia, Dhani, Paul, Ringo, Barbara, Cynthia, Julian, Yoko, George, Judy, and Giles Martin attended the opening premiere of Cirque du Soleil's Love

*Olivia attended Alasdhair Willis’s company, Established and Sons, first birthday celebration with Paul, Mary, Alasdhair and Stella

*Paul, Beatrice, Ringo, and Barbara attended Miller Willis' birthday party

*Barbara, Olivia, Lee, and Flora attended Stella's fashion show

*Pattie attended Mary's "Cancer Backup" Photo exhibition with Paul

*Sean, Yoko, Olivia, and Ringo attended the reveal of the John Lennon Peace Tower in Iceland

*Dhani, Olivia, Barbara, Paul, Mary, Stella, and James attended Alasdhair's party for his Establish & Sons company



*Paul, Stella, and Sean attended the 2008 Brit Awards

*Stella, Yoko, Barbara, George and Judy Martin attended Neil Aspinal's funeral in London, England

*Paul, Mary, Stella, James, Ringo, Barbara, Olivia, George and Judy Martin attended the Linda McCartney Photographs Exhibit

*Mary was one of the photographers attending the opening of From Life to Life: A Garden for George in Chelsea Flower Show in London, England with Ringo, Barbara, Olivia, and George Martin

*Stella Loves Liverpool Fashion Show in Liverpool, England at the LIPA with Alasdhair, Paul, James, Beatrice, Miller, Bailey, Beckett, Yoko, Olivia, George, Judy, and Giles Martin. Later that evening Paul performed at the Anfield Stadium with the same party attending.

*30 Days of Fashion & Beauty Gala, auctioning off Mary's photographs for charity. Paul, Nancy Shevell, Simon Aboud, Stella, Barbara, Olivia, George and Judy Martin attended.



*Olivia, Dhani, Paul, and Nancy attended George's Star Honor on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Hollywood, California

*Paul and Dhani's thenewno2 performed at the Coachella Music Festival in Indio, California with Olivia in the audience (Paul and Dhani performed on different days) 

*Paul, Ringo, Olivia, Yoko, and Dhani came together to launch Rock Band: The Beatles video game in Los Angeles, California

*Paul, Yoko, Mary, Stella, and James launched 'Meat Free Monday' campaign in London, England

*Stella threw a party at her home in London- Ringo, Barbara, Olivia, Mary, Simon, and Sam attended

*Barbara, Olivia, and Gianni attended Francesca and Tatiana Von Furstenberg's film, "Tanner Hall" at the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival

*Barbara, Olivia, and Yoko presented Stella with the Glamour magazine's Women of the Year award in New York City, New York

*Ringo, Barbara, Stella, Miller, Bailey, Beckett, James, Mary, Arthur, Elliot, Sam, Beatrice, and Nancy attended Paul's London concert. Beatrice was seen dancing in the aisle during "Dance Tonight".

*Beatrice was backstage at the David Lynch Foundation with Paul and Ringo performing together



*Francesca, Oliva, Barbara, Marjorie, and Joe Walsh attended Roy Orbison's Walk of Fame ceremony in Hollywood

*Mary, Olivia, Ringo, and Barbara attended the Chelsea Flower Show in London

*Ringo celebrated his 70th Birthday during a concert in New York City with Paul making a surprise appearance. Barbara, Zak, Jason, Lee, Louie, Sonny, Rock, Francesca, Marjorie, Joe Walsh, Nancy, Yoko, Olivia, John and Jody Eastman, Peter Asher attending

*Julian's first photo exhibition, Timeless, opened with Cynthia, Sean, Yoko, Pattie, and May Pang attending

*Mary's photo exhibition and book launch, From Where I Stand, opened with Simon, Paul, Nancy, Ringo, Barbara, Olivia, Stella, James, Lee, and Jay attending



*Stella, Alasdhair, Paul, Nancy, Arlen, and Yoko attended the Costume gala 'Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty' at the Metropolitian Musuem of Art in New York City, New York

*Olivia, Dhani, Ringo, Barbara, Paul, Nancy, Yoko, Sean, Lee, and Pattie attended "Living in the Material World: George Harrison" documentary  premiere in London, England



*Ringo and Barbara attended James' concert with Joe and Marjorie Walsh

*Stella designed Solveig's wedding gown when she married Dhani

*Lee, Jay, Sean, Barbara, Yoko, and Olivia attended Yoko's To the Light exhibition in London

*Paul, Nancy, Stella, Mary, Alasdhair, Simon, Sean, Yoko, and Zak attended the 2012 London Olympics. Paul performed the Opening ceremony, Zak (with the Who) performed the Closing ceremony, Stella was the Creative Director on the behalf of team Great Britain

*Paul and Zak (with the Who) performed at the Hurricane Sandy benefit concert in New York City, New York. Sean was in the audience.



*Paul, Nancy, Dhani, and Sola attended Stella's Winter fashion show in Paris




*Paul, Nancy, Ringo, Barbara, Yoko, Olivia, Sean, Dhani, Julian, Mary, Stella, among others attended George Martin's funeral

*Paul, Nancy, Ringo, Barbara, Olivia, Yoko, Stella, Alasdhair, Mary, and Francesca attended the London premiere of 'Eight Days a Week: The Beatles' Touring Years'


Note: It is no secret that the Beatles 'family' have socialized more than what has been documented here; all have stated to visit one's home over the years to this present day.

Written by Jeannette